Plumbing and Blocked Drains in Calgary

Mr. Mike's Plumbing provides quality plumbing solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have no call-out fee and our servicemen are extensively skilled to provide you everything from a fixing a drainage problem to installing a water heater.

We work with some of the largest builders in Calgary. We have provided our services in apartment buildings, schools, hotels, offices etc. We can provide same-day service and care about the cleanliness of your property.

We specialize in clearing blocked drains. We:

  • Locate the exact blockage spot using special equipment
  • Clear drains
  • Renew and repair pipes
  • Offer drain maintenance

Effective Equipment

Blockages can be the result of a broken pipe, a misaligned pipe, any foreign object inside the drain and/or root mass. Using a tiny sewer drain camera inside the pipes, we find the exact location of the blockage and once we’ve found it, we get to work immediately to clear out whatever is causing the blockage using hydro jet equipment.

We use a highly powerful jet stream system to smoothly remove all sorts of blocks and clogs. With this, we ensure that your drains stay clear for a long time. Our drain-clearing machines send high-pressure water inside blocked drains and remove any obstacle inside the drain. No matter how small or big the blockage is, we can clear it using our powerful equipment. Whether you are encountering a blocked sewer drain or a toilet blockage, you can rely on us to remove it.

Storm-water drains get blocked on a regular basis. Mostly tree roots, silt and dirt block these drains. Traditional drain clearing equipment does not always clear out sediments of silt from storm-water drains. But we have specialized equipment to flush out everything from these drains. After the clearing has been done, usually, the storm-water pipes need to be replaced because the walls of these pipes are quite thin and tree roots etc. can easily break them.

Blocked drains require expert professional service which you can find here. Our experts assure quality service, fast response and hassle-free removal of blockages every time.

If you are experiencing a blocked toilet, shower waste, basin, drain grate, or storm-water drain, waste no more time. Contact us immediately.

Leaks If not attended to as early as possible, water leaks can create massive damage. We locate the water leak’s source and do the needful.

Frozen pipes We thaw your premise’s water pipes and repair the damage done by the freezing.

Water heater Whether your water heating system has a malfunctioning thermostat or a pilot light that does not work, we can repair it.

Damaged piping

Our expert servicemen repair and replace old, damaged, and corroded piping. This can save you from consuming contaminated water.

We never cut corners or burden you with unnecessary additional costs. If repairs cannot be done effectively, we inform you about it. All the items we install are of the best quality and come with manufacturer’s warranty.

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