If you’re not certain whether you will ever require the various services of an HVAC Company in Calgary, then you need to find out exactly what Mr. Mike’s Plumbing does. Since many people have one or two heating and cooling systems in their home, it is most likely that a number of homeowners will require the services of this kind of company at some point in time. Therefore, having the idea of what this company does before engaging in any of their services is a wise idea.

CALGARY HVAC Company Installation and Services

If do not have a heating ventilation and air conditioning system in your house yet, you ought to know that an HVAC Company can normally install one in your house since heating and cooling services is one area they specialize in. And if you already have one in your house, you should know that Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can offer high-quality maintenance and repair services as well as system tune-ups to ensure that your piece of equipment works smoothly and efficiently. Here we will talk about some maintenance and repair services we offer.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems consist of loads of electronic and mechanical components including, thermostats, compressors, pipes, pumps, fans, among other components. These systems are appliances and require appropriate care and maintenance to always keep it up and running. For instance, the central heating and cooling systems are more susceptible to mechanical failure since they usually suffer tremendous weather conditions. This is the major reason why a professional HVAC Company is required in order to diagnose, repair, and maintain, or even to correct any technical problem (severe), throughout the entire system.

  • Evaporator Coils

These are one of the most essential components of an HVAC system. They are the part of a heating and cooling unit that pulls heat out of the inside. They allow the refrigerant coming from the compressor to evaporate, thus extracting heat from the surrounding air inside and eventually lowering the surrounding temperature inside of the home. For an HVAC system to keep working smartly and efficiently, it is pretty necessary to always keep these coils clean and free of debris or dust. Among the maintenance and repair services of an HVAC Company is to diagnose the HVAC system to see if its evaporator coils require a thorough and professional cleanup, as well as to change the filter on a regular basis.

  • Compressors

As it is, the compressor is about the most important component in heating and cooling units and it serves vital functions. Its major function is to cram the refrigerant that comes in to it as a cool, low pressure gas. It however enwraps the fluid molecules close together. This very process of squashing the molecules together increases its underlying energy and its temperature as well. The working fluid then leaves the compressor as a broiling and high pressure gas. In central HVAC systems, the compressor is placed in a separate package outside of the building comfort.

If an HVAC unit is running ceaselessly but fails to heat, cool or affect the inner temperature in any way, the problem stick out in the compressor. As a result, it is important to always keep your HVAC compressor clean and clear. An expert HVAC Company can actually help you with this maintenance task, clear out any debris, herbs, leaves, mud, dust particles or grass clippings and rinse it out using a hose. The aluminum fins lie within the compressor will be cleansed as well. This of course will make the component clean and far more efficient.

However, the HVAC Company can also diagnose some other pieces of the HVAC system including air handlers, heat pumps, thermostat, furnaces, for maintenance or repair as the case may be. Also they will provide homeowners with maintenance tips to keep the HVAC systems in good working conditions, smooth, efficient and trouble-free. These can be energy saving tips, regular repairing service, annual heap pump and air conditioning maintenance programs. For absolute peace of mind, we offer installation and other repair services including Calgary furnace repair, heater repair, ac repair, system installation, maintenance and repair, among other vital HVAC services.

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing provides various Heating and Cooling services in Calgary and its surrounding areas. They offer their special HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services at the most reasonable rates.

This Calgary HVAC company is one of the leading heating and cooling experts in the area and can be reached at (403) 520-2040.

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