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Mr. Mike's Calgary Plumber

Mr. Mike's are a plumbing, heating and water treatment company based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

From domestic to commercial, we put a great emphasis on providing a reliable and trustworthy service.

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24 Hour Retail Maintenance

Our retail maintenance side of the business is rapidly expanding with more and more companies in Calgary choosing Mr. Mike's Plumbing. We put this down to the fact that the whole procedure from start to finish is dealt with immediately and professionally.

Each of our covered geographical areas have a sufficient workforce to cover any type of Retail Plumbing Maintenance, 24 hours/365 days a year. Our retail maintenance section is steadily growing with many well known high street shops finding our services an asset. The following services are offered to retail sector:

  • 24 hour emergency plumbing and heating service
  • 24 hour emergency drainage service
  • Water treatment services
  • Environmental friendly Chlorination and disinfection of pipework systems
  • Mr. Mike's Plumbing is proud to say we never recommend using harmful Chemicals for drain Cleaning. We use steam and high pressure power flushing technology that uses the same water that comes out of your tap so you can rest assured we are environmental friendly
  • Bathroom and shower room installations, staff changing rooms toilets etc
  • Heating installations including the building and designs of plant rooms and mechanical services
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements

All risks assessments are available with approved COSHH sheets and Health & Safety Policies. Each assessment is bespoke to that particular service provided for larger projects and installations method statements and all relevant legal legislation is prepared in-house.

24 Hour Domestic Plumbing

As we all know the majority of plumbing problems usually occur at the worst times, whether it's late at night or on weekends when friends and family are gathering. At Mr. Mike's Plumbing we have a system designed to cater for any problems no matter the time of the day or night. Our office is open 24 hours a day and the phone is always answered. We have a vast supply of materials which is also open around the clock 365 days a year and is fully stocked with plumbing materials for any type of household problem.

All our prices are prefixed and are agreed with the customer before the work is carried out. Our prices are very competitive and are below the regional average. All work is fully guaranteed and discount procedures are in place, such as OAP discounts. We aim to respond to every emergency within two hours and at present have a 98% success rate.

Water Treatment

We want to ensure that water supplies are safe for the end user. Certain areas of concern have been addressed by the local authority and government agencies. Mr. Mike's Plumbing plays an important role in ensuring plumbing supplies,pipework and water storage tanks are clean and free of harmful bacteria in accordance with Acop L8.

On new plumbing and pipework installations it is generally considered good practice to have the pipework thoroughly disinfected and chlorinated. This reduces the risk of infection being passed to the end user from substances used in the installation and from any bacteria that is present in the pipework or water.

With the growing concern and more and more outbreaks of Legionaires disease as a result of poor water supplies, Mr. Mike's Plumbing offers a legionella testing service with recommendations of preventative measures.

Heating System Water

Due to current legislation, many customers are requiring heating systems to be thoroughly cleaned either by power flushing for domestic customers or higher grade environmental friendly cleaning solution for the industrial sector. Mr. Mike's Plumbing does not dispose of any type of chemical if we did we would dispose of at suitable disposal spot. Mr. Mike's Plumbing Calgary can offer a full heating system cleaning and flushing service from a small domestic system to larger plant room variable zoned systems. For our commercial sector commission reports and analysis of levels such as Pseudomonas tests can easily be catered to.

Domestic Installation and Renovation Service

Mr. Mike Calgary Plumber is able to carry out various bathroom and heating installations. From a small bathroom suite swap 'like for like' to larger bathroom suite installations including tiling ,plastering and carpentry.

Our suppliers have a wide variety of different style bathrooms from classical to contemporary and at realistic prices. Whatever the customers style and requirements are, we will deliver with no fuss.

Our hard working teams of multi-trade fitters ensure that we can install any bathroom, no matter the design. Many of our customers have trouble visualizing what they want, with our professional design service we can ensure that the customer gets what they want.

Commercial Installation Service

For larger installations such as bathrooms/heating in flats/offices, restaurants or hotels, Mr. Mike's Plumbing can carry out these projects no problem. Supply and fit projects are our specialty with specifications being drawn up by our experience staff to suit any project. Our experienced fitters are able to install any variation of heating system from your basic boiler set up to your more complex technical style plant room. With a full mechanical team any project can be dealt with.

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