Drains and Sewers Calgary

Drains Mr. Mike's plumbing can assist you with all your drainage issues.

  • Blocked Drains Is your toilet gurgling, does your shower clog? Is your sink taking forever to drain? You may have a blocked drain that is causing all those annoying plumbing issues. Mr. Mike's plumbing has all of the latest equipment to remove that pesky blockage today.
  • Smelly Drains Smelly drains can be caused by a variety of plumbing issues; you may have a partial blockage, grease build up or sewage issues. Don’t put up with the stink any longer call Mr. Mike's plumbing to discuss your specific problem.
  • Drain Jetting and Cleaning Drain jetting and clearing is the most effective way to solve nasty drainage issues. If you have old or problematic drains call Mike to discuss your options.
  • Sewer Conversions Mr. Mike's Plumbing is experienced and equipped to assist with converting your septic tank to sewer. With a job this size experience is a must and our team has completed close to a hundred conversions. We will be able to complete your job from start to finish with minimal disturbance to your life. When you consider what’s involved: paving, concreting, lawn removal, excavating, and decommissioning septic tanks; there really is a lot to consider and that’s why we take care of everything for you. Call us now!

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