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Think About Lowering Your Water Bill with Dual flash toilets

Lowering Your Water Bill

The dual flash toilets are an invention that have been introduced into the average household in a quest for environmental management, the conservation of water as well as the lowering of water bills. The highlight of the dual flash toilets is that it limits the amount of water used by flash varying with solid or liquid waste. Through the options of two buttons on the toilet, one is allowed to choose the amount of water required to exit waste from the bowl. Modern versions of the dual flush toilets have managed to sort out waste and determine how much water volume is needed to eliminate the waste. As a result, this device uses around 3 liters of water for liquid waste and 6 liters for solid waste per flush. Compared to the old style toilet that used over 19 liters of water per flush regardless, there is substantial water conservation as well as the advantage of lowering your water bill with dual flash toilets.

The dual flash toilets are being increasingly used in countries whose households are facing the imminent risk of water shortage and those who are already facing the shortages. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Installing the dual flush toilets however requires that a new bowl and tank be purchased. The dual flash toilet has a waste trap way with a large diameter and the toilet does not have a siphoning system unlike the conventional toilet. This ensures that less water is used to exit waste from the bowl and waste is disposed off much more easily because it does not clog as frequently as the old style toilet would. Although the flash toilets are quite expensive and its aesthetic are not as appealing, they are currently a sure way to lowering your water bill. You also get to contribute significantly to the conservation of the environment.

Lowering your water bills with dual flush toilets is an option that you should seriously consider. Rising water and sewage bills that are aggravating the average household budget can be evaded by opting for these high efficiency toilets. In fact, you can save up to 25000 liters of water used in your bathroom every month and this translates to a huge reduction in the amount of money that is used in paying water bills. The saved water can be used in other household faculties such as in drinking, laundry, and gardening. The range of dual flash toilets varies with the designs and the sizes that it comes with. The price can range from about $100 to $1000 US dollars. However, reports indicate that the average household that is using the dual flush toilet is saving up to $50-100 every month on their water and sewerage bills. The dual flush toilets technology is not such a novel industry thus there are various plumbing companies that you can approach for your water and bill saving needs. It is wise to shop around first to decide which bowl is most suitable for lowering your water bills with dual flush toilets.

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