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November 21, 2016
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November 21, 2016
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Save on Headaches in the Future..The Process of Hydro-Jetting in Calgary

Process of Hydro Jetting

How Hydro-jetting works is the process where the sewer ducts are scoured with high-pressure water that shoots out the hose at the end and the main intention is to forcefully remove the debris that has clogged the pipes. This is done through an opening called a clean out, this opening is designed to act as a space through which the plumbers can effectively “clean out” the debris and any other material that could be clogging the system.

The Calgary plumbing systems put in place are designed to carry the water downstream using the force of gravity the plumbing system is placed at the downstream end of the plumbing system and then it works itself upstream using the force of gravity. The debris that is cleared out is then taken downstream where the path is already clear, the force of the hydro jetting machine is so strong that at times it can clear out debris over a length of a hundred meters.

The purpose of hydro jetting is basically to clear out sewer lines that cannot be cleaned in the traditional snaking process because of the presence of stubborn roots, or the accumulation of minerals that cannot be in any other way removed or any other of the material that has clogged the drain sewer or drainage system. Hydro jetting is also required before pipe lining because any debris present in the epoxy lining resin to be malformed and prevent it from bonding correctly with the existing pipe and that would make the whole process harder. It is also known as hydro scrubbing and the reason is that thru the process it scrubs out any possibility of any future occurrence of the same blockages and clogs this maximizes the chance of greater damage that may result in more expensive methods of damage control.

In practically every industry that rescaling and proper cleaning is required the industries use water that has the pressure between 5000psi and 35000psi to clean their systems and the benefits are that the whole hydro jetting process is very environmental friendly, it is also very economical and it also has the advantage of achieving finishes to technical requirements as required.
In other some cases, it is appropriate more than others especially in the instances are where the header line that is in the house leading to the outdoors the septic lines are clogged and the advantage of this is that the pipes are able to handle the extremely high pressure. There are times that the high water pressure can stir up the soil and gravel and actually end up making the blockage more faulty and septic so the main solution should be and is that hydro jetting should be the first solution in order to prevent damages and the last effort to save a failing sewer.
By the implementation of the hydro jetting system in the first place is the best way to save on headaches in the future in that w little work upfront will save you from constant headaches in the future and this includes not only the time but also the money that one is going to use.

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