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Are your drains blocked? When you flush the toilet is the water draining slow? Having a shower and the sewer pipes are making gurgling sounds? This is a sign of a Blocked Drain or Partially Blocked Drain. We urge you to call when these signs are present. At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Calgary we can unblock all Blocked Drains, Blocked Toilets, Blocked Bathroom Drains, Blocked Kitchen Sinks, Blocked Baths, Blocked Showers and Blocked Laundry Machines. We can also provide you with a Drain Cleaning Service with a high-pressure Water Jetter and CCTV inspection of sewerage drains.


Sleeping at night and all you can hear is a tap dripping every couple of seconds? Does your toilet constantly run or leak when flushed? Water leaking can be an expensive problem leaving you with an expensive water bill. Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can fix all your leakages today. We can carry out a complete service or replacement of your taps and toilets. Our service usually consists of replacement of all necessary parts to ensure correct operation. Our Qualified Plumbers will determine whether or not your taps and toilets are beyond repair and require replacement.


Noticing higher than usual water bills? Are you seeing signs of water damage on your outer bathroom walls or ceiling? This could potentially be a Burst Pipe. Avoid causing anymore damage and call Mr. Mike's Plumbing now. We can repair all water piping systems from replacing a portion in your garden to replacing your entire water service. Our Plumbers work around the clock so if you have a pipe burst in the middle of the night don’t hesitate to call don’t hesitate to call Emergency Plumber Calgary. There's no right time - our plumbers are ready to help you any time. We can help you in any emergency.


Enjoying cold showers on winter nights? Water Temperature fluctuating? Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can install and repair heating of Hot Water Systems so the temperature is always consistent. The Hot Water Tank Systems we install and repair are Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters, Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters, Electric Storage Hot Water Heaters and Gas Hot Water Heaters. If your unit requires replacement we can put together a quick quote and have a unit installed quick smart.


If you have any questions about odd changes in the quality of your water, such as the smell, taste, or color, simply call one of our 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers in Calgary, the water supply experts for advice.


Smell Gas? This can be a dangerous situation. Call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing and we can carry out a GAS SAFETY CHECK on your premises. This check will determine whether or not your Gas service has a leak. Being a licensed Gas Fitting Contractor we can ensure you the job will be done to Canadian Standards. We can repair or install entire Gas services & Appliances.

Residential and Commercial - Emergency Plumber in Calgary

Every Calgary family's home is unique and so are their drain and plumbing service needs. That is why we tailor our services to your individual home and business. You tell us what you want and we will do our very best to meet your needs.

While Mr. Mike's Plumbing treats your home with individual attention, our customers often find that we offer more reliability and peace of mind than they have ever experienced from a plumbing company. Our professionals provide the highest quality plumbing for your home and business. Mr. Mike's plumbing works hard to earn your trust and confidence with every visit. In fact, we provide Calgary's ace plumbing services.

  • Residential Plumbing Calgary Services

  • These include all types of professional pipe cleaning in your home, both interior and lateral to sewer; repairs and installations of faucets, toilets, sinks and tubs; services for waterlines, pipes, kitchens, bathrooms , heating repair, dishwasher repair, hot water tank repair, new installation and laundry including new installation; along with all other plumbing-related jobs. Of course, there is also exterior work available, such as hose bibs, water conditioning units, pools and waterproofing.
  • Commercial Plumbing Calgary Services

  • We also cover needs specific to the commercial sector. These plumbing services include the detection and video inspection of lines and leaks underground, protection from back flow, water jetting (high pressure), replacement and repair of damaged and/or rusted pipes, removal and safe disposal of liquid waste, as well as the installation, cleaning, and replacement of grease traps.


In addition to those services listed above, Mr. Mike's Plumbing Emergency also offers you Drain Cleaning Services.This includes all types of commercial and residential drain installation, repair, replacement and cleaning. We also provide professional cleaning and maintenance for sewers.

Calgary Plumbing | 24 Hour Plumber Calgary | Calgary Emergency Plumber

Our certified plumbers are experts when dealing with emergency situations, you are safe in our hands! What Can You Expect as a Mr. Mike's Customer?

Plumbers Emergency | Calgary Plumber | Emergency Plumber

  • Same-day or night service, 24/7 Emergency
  • A certified, licensed technician
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hands to fix all of your plumbing and drain needs
  • Never a charge for over-time or after hours
  • We will treat your home with the respect it deserves


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