Furnace Services Calgary

Keep Your Calgary Home Warm This Winter With a New Furnace Replacement or Repair from Mr. Mike’s Expert Technicians and Contractors

Interesting Fact: Most new replacement digital thermostats have a keypad lockout that can stop fighting over furnace temperatures.

Interesting Fact: Indoor air contains 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air and on average, people are spending 90% of their time indoors. HVAC systems can replace pollutants with cleaner air.

How do furnaces keep Calgary homes heated?

Most contractors install new furnaces that use a fan to pull air through the unit. When the unit is in good repair, air moves through a gas valve allowing the gas to go into burners. The burners will ignite the gas causing heat to be produced. The hot air moves through the duct system heating your bountiful home. If any part of this HVAC system needs a repair technician or if you need to replace parts your home could become expensive to heat, or you could need a replacement.

What are the most common reasons a Calgary furnace will stop working or need replacement?

This will vary depending on the unit. For new models there are some common problems that are easy to repair and avoid replacement. If the unit isn’t heating there are some easy, and possibly embarrassing solutions if they are not checked before calling a repair technician or contractor to replace the unit. Always check the thermostat. Make sure someone new hasn’t adjusted it recently. If that is on check the circuit breaker for the furnace and make sure the pilot light is still lit. Also check the air filter to make sure it doesn’t need replacement. From there it’s probably best to call a repair technician. If there is some limited heat check to make sure the air filter is clean, if not replace it with a new one. If that looks good check the ducts for a balanced airflow. If a technician cannot solve the issue you may need to contact a Calgary contractor for replacement.

What is the difference between different furnace filters?

When you need to repair or replace parts on your unit there are a couple different types of filters all contractors and technicians know. There are permanent (designed to be cleaned) or replacement filters. Many permanent new filters are electrostatic, meaning they carry an electronic charge that attracts dust. The most common filters you can replace are pleated so the surface area is increased improving the amount of air that passes through the filter. Most contractors reccomend these new models to provide improved filtration with more airflow, which equals a more efficient running furnace that will need fewer repairs and will last longer before replacement. If you are unsure what type of filter to purchase contact a Mr. Mike’s , Calgary technician or contractor for help.

How often should I replace the filters in my furnace?

To avoid a costly replacement or technician repairs you should check your furnace filters every 30 days. This doesn’t necessarily mean replace them that often, make sure they are working properly and in good repair. Once a layer of dirt has developed on them they should be changed for a replacement one. If you are unsure what type of filter is needed for your unit contact your local bountiful contractor or technician.

How much can be saved annually by properly maintaining my furnace?

There isn’t a way to put a set amount on how much you can save, but it can add up quickly if you avoid having to call a technician to replace parts. By maintaining your furnace you aren’t just limiting repair costs, you are also helping it run as efficiently as possible, which can save you money every month, and prevents needing a contractor to buy a new replacement unit.

How often should I repair or buy a replacement furnace for my home?

There is no set time to repair or replace your unit. The average appliance will run for 15 to 20 years. If a unit is getting close to that old and showing signs of breaking down it might be wise to call a technician to repair it or a contractor to replace it. Another factor is how efficient the existing unit is. Most older units run at 80% efficiency or worse. In contrast, new furnaces are rated as high as 98% efficient. This means a new replacement unit loses 2% of its heat compared to 20% on the older models. That can mitigate a lot of the cost for a  Calgary contractor to replace your unit.