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July 23, 2019
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The heart of your home.

Mr. Mikes Furnace Calgary

The heart of your home.

Imagine if you will, 3:00 in the morning. You wake up from a dead sleep to a chill. But it’s been cold for quite some time, due to the cold in your bones. You come to realize it’s -25 outside, and your furnace won’t kick on. With a quick google search you find a 24/7 service company with great reviews. From there you make the call. Within the hour a service tech is knocking, dressed in uniform with a smile on his face. You can bet he worked all day, probably a long and hard day. Awoke from a sleep only to arrive happy and ready to work at your house. Returning it to that warm comfortable home you craved when you one-up frozen. And that is our commitment, as service technicians. We pull fulfillment as we get your cold house back to a warm welcoming home. And as we leave your house, chances are we aren’t going back to our beds. More likely driving off to another house. Yet here we stand with a smile and bags under our eyes. Doing the job that makes us smile, and makes you comfortable.

Written by William from Mr. Mike’s Plumbing

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