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July 24, 2019
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July 30, 2019
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Calgary Furnaces

Calgary Furnace

At Mr. Mikes Plumbing, we strongly recommend having your furnace regularly serviced, or diagnosed by one of our highly skilled technicians to ensure that everything on your furnace is working cleaned and free of debris, and is working at its peak performance.

When you call Mr. Mikes Plumbing for a furnace inspection, service, or for a diagnostic if it is not working normally as it should, we won’t only look at your furnace, we will also take a look at all the other plumbing fixtures, appliances in your home, free of charge!

One of the main reasons it is recommended to get your furnace looked at on a regular basis is to ensure that every component on your furnace, from the thermostat to the circuit board, and even the furnace filter is working normally, as it is designed to. During the winter months, your furnace will be working more than twice as much as it would in the summertime, thus causing more wear and tear on the parts of the furnace. This is why we suggest getting a skilled technician to come out and check over your Calgary furnace in the fall before the cold winter months come.

When checking over your furnace, the skilled technician will go through every component of the furnace, to make sure the burners are cleaned, the motors are free of debris, the filter is installed correctly and that it is not dirty, the thermostat is working correctly with the furnace and many others.

If you need assistance with your furnace, call your friendly, highly skilled plumbers with Mr Mikes Plumbing at (403) 520-2040.