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April 24, 2019
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July 24, 2019
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How We Price Our Plumbing Services

Mr. Mikes Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Calgary

We as consumers before purchasing anything are always cautious about costs. With plumbing, costs are all over the map. One plumbing company in Calgary might charge $100 for a service then the next company charges $500. Honestly, the company that charges you $500 is expensive and that’s not us. With personal experience talking with some of our clients the cheap guy never shows up or has caused a flood and is nowhere to be found. We call those fly-by plumbers. You can sometimes get lucky and save money or you can be out $1000s to fix their mistakes. On the other hand, I wouldn’t pick the company that charges one of the highest prices in Calgary either. I would go with the Plumbing company that is right in the middle and offers you upfront pricing. Even in my personal experience and dealing with the sub-trades or businesses I deal with the middle priced company. I’ve found the lowest price guy is always hard to get a hold of or never shows up or messes up,  the highest-priced company, in my opinion, is just trying to get every dime they can get out of you, but the middle priced guy is usually doing their best to offer quality and affordability. When you hire Mr. Mike’s Plumbing, I promise our policy is that the quality of a plumbing is 1st. Your home is our first priority. Call and talk to me (Mike) I have a huge process to make sure all final tests and inspections are done properly. Call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Calgary today to see the Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Calgary Difference.

When you hire Mr. Mike’s Plumbing expect to pay the middle rate, not the lowest or the highest. I spend hours making our prices and talking with clients daily asking them what they paid last time and editing our pricing to be competitive with the highest rated Calgary Plumbers and charge you a fair price. Don’t worry if your ever unhappy with our service, price or want to ask any questions, you can always call the office 403-520-2040 ask for Me (Mike) I own the company and your business is very important to myself and our team of plumbers, office staff and their families. We have been able to grow to become one of the highest-rated plumbing companies in Calgary and we want to keep it that way!


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