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July 30, 2019
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September 17, 2019
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Working in Plumbing- Office View

Mr. Mikes Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Calgary

Working in the Calgary plumbing industry has been an amazing experience. From having your own plumbing issues in your own home and not sure what is causing it to know exactly what is going on.

With the various calls we receive here in the office it has been an eye-opener of what can really go wrong when your plumbing is on the fritz! Here in the office, we are the first point of contact for our customers so we make sure to do our best and try and make light of there situation. Water and leaks are everyone’s worst nightmare so you can imagine the anxiety our customers are feeling when they are calling in.

Our job is to make sure we can talk them through there issue and make them feel at ease before finishing our call and dispatching our plumbers. We book the same day to next day service which our customers really appreciate.

The office is very fast-paced and enjoyable. There are various parts our plumbers carry with them but sometimes we may need to send parts out to them so learning parts and what they are used for is exciting especially when a customer calls in with a certain issue we can tell them “ Oh that sounds like a cartridge issue, but I should send a plumber out their just to be sure. I can have someone there between 12PM-5PM if that works for you?” our customers love it when we can give them an idea of what has failed on them and also when we can give them some kind of idea when the Calgary plumber will be at there home to help them out.