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Which Faucet Will Be Best For You ?

If you will choose a faucet cautiously then it will be functional and will also look beautiful. A faucet that works properly will make your life very easy. You should choose a faucet with excellent valve mechanism and durable finish. Now we will discuss six main steps involved in choosing a right faucet.

One can obtain two-handle designs in just $50. One can easily regulate temperature using two handled faucet. As you will have independent control over hot and cold water, you can easily adjust the temperature. On the other hand, if you will choose single handle faucet then you can get that in $75 to $200. It is also referred as post-mount faucet. These faucets operate from side-mounted lever or a top-mounted knob. In single-handled faucets, you will also find pull-out spouts.

For many homeowners, style of the faucet is also very important. They should choose the type of finish carefully. Chrome finish is considered to be most affordable. You will have to spend around $60 for it. With chrome-finish, you will get a long warranty on scratches.
The more colorful enamel coatings generally will cost you from $20 to $200. They are more susceptible to scratches and chipping. Add 25 to 40 percent more to the price of coated faucets for stainless steel faucets.

Among PVD (physical vapor deposition) finish and plated finish, PVD is better but it is $150 to $750 more in cost. For PVD finish, metal is vaporized and glazed with a scratch-resistant and non-tarnishing film. If you want rustic look then you can choose brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel. The brushed finish and satin finish can easily hide the scratches.

Compression valve, the ball valves, the ceramic disk and the cartridge faucet are the four different types of faucets. It is important to check the warranty and the finish of faucet while choosing it.

You can also choose to have filtering faucets and they can be obtained by spending around $200. These faucets will help you in getting purified water. Many filters are placed under the sink and others are fitted inside the spout. In order to set maximum water temperature, one can use an anti-scald faucet. You can also use an electronic faucet with an infrared sensor. Using it, you can save water also.

Do don’t always run after good quality. You will find that most of the faucets have same basic parts and finish but their price varies a lot. In this case there is no need to get an expensive one if your budget does not allow as you will get warranty of around an year with all the models.

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