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Saving Water – General Indoor Tips
March 9, 2017
Saving Water
3 Great Tips on Saving Water With Your Bathroom Plumbing
March 10, 2017
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Saving Water is Saving Calgary– Laundry Plumbing Tips

Saving Water With Your Bathroom

Hi Everyone

Mike here again with some more tips on how you can save water. By getting your laundry plumbing set up correctly, or with a few simple plumbing modifications, you will soon be saving water simply and easily. So check out these tips on saving water in the laundry.

Laundry Plumbing tip 1 – Re-route your grey water.

Most houses are set up so that when the water from your laundry tub and washing machine drains out, it goes straight into the sewer.  However, have you ever considered how precious this water is? Its a perfect source for watering your garden.

Your local plumber can reroute your drainage so that all of the grey water from your laundry feeds into your garden.  One option is to use this water to fill a watering tank for your garden that can be used as a trickle system.

Laundry Plumbing tip 2 – Research Washing Machine Efficiency

Check out the efficiency of various washing machine brands and models.  Modern machines now use a lot less water than older models.  Front loaders tend to be more efficient too. Some machines use up to 80 litres of water less than others.  This is a lot of water going to waste if you opt for less water efficient machines. Your local plumber can also advise you on the most efficient machines on the market.

Laundry Plumbing tip 3 – Use the correct Load Setting For Your Washing

Be mindful when doing your washing.  Its easy to throw one or two shirts in the wash and not use the correct water level setting. Better still, avoid just washing small quantities at once.  Do one large load on a large wash setting and you wont be using the washing machine so much.

Thats it for this week.  Remember to chat to your friendly plumber about saving all that precious grey water.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some help or are looking to improve your plumbing.