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Blocked Drains Cochrane
March 9, 2017
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March 10, 2017
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Saving Water – General Indoor Tips

Saving Water Calgary

Hi there everyone. Today we are going to look at some great general ways of reducing water consumption indoors.  We have covered quite a few areas over the last few weeks.  Here are some more key common sense tips.

Learn how to check the water metre for leaks

Checking the water metre and watching the rate at which water is consumed is a great way to see if you have any leaks around the house.  A rapid water leak will be obvious when the water metre is changing quickly. If you see the water metre dial moving unusually quickly, you probably have an undetected leak and will need to contact your plumber.

Run Your Dishwasher Only When Full

Make sure you full your dishwasher right up before turning it on.  Running the dishwasher with only a few cups in it will use a lot of unnecessary water.  So always fill the dishwasher right up where possible.  If you only have a small load of dishes, ensure that you set the cycle on a small load.

Teach Your Children

Its great to get your children involved in saving water.  By encouraging them to turn off the taps correctly after use, or if they see a dripping tap, you are teaching your kids to become responsible water consumers and saving water at the same time.

Check Your Water Bill

Look out for any increases in water consumption with your water bill.  If there is an unusual increase in water, you may have an undetected water leak.  Your local plumber will be able to assist you in detecting leaks, so don’t hesitate to call him.

Well, thats it for this time.  Undetected leaks are very common.  They are a high consumer of water and costly at the same time.  So, be sure to follow the tips given and you will be doing your bit to save more water, reducing your water bill and conserve the environment at the same time.