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How to Check Your Home’s Water Pressure

Water Pressure check

Here at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Company, your Calgary plumbing experts, we want to keep your pipes working correctly and make sure water is flowing properly throughout your home. This month, we want to focus on checking your home’s water pressure. It is important to do this 2 or 3 times per year because water pressure that is too high can cause pipes rattle and burst. We don’t want you to deal with a mess like that, so we are going to teach you how to check your water pressure!

Know what to look for. Your water pressure should be between 50 and 70 psi, and this is regulated by your local utility. In your home, you have pressure reducing valves that help keep your water pressure at a proper level, but sometimes problems in your plumbing can cause these valves to fail, which means your water pressure may not be within 50 and 70 psi by the time it reaches your home and flows through your pipes

1. Get supplied. All you will need to test your water pressure is a pressure gauge kit, which you can purchase from major hardware stores. From here, you will need to pick a connection point for the gauge. We recommend a hose bib or faucet that is near your home’s water meter, but you can also connect the gauge to your washing machine connection.

2. Turn off your water. Any appliance that uses water needs to be off—this includes all faucets, washing machines, dishwashers, sprinklers, and refrigerators with an ice machine. If any water is moving through your pipes when you test the pressure, the reading will be off.

3. Pick a connection point for the gauge and check your pressure. We recommend a hose bib or faucet that is near your home’s water meter, but you can also connect the gauge to your washing machine connection. When the gauge is screwed on (make sure it is completely attached) slowly open the valve until it is all the way open. When the needle on the gauge has stopped moving, you have your water pressure reading.

4. Double-check. After you get your first reading, close your valve and wait about 5 minutes. Then repeat the process to make sure your reading was correct the first time. If your reading is below 50 psi or above 70, you are probably dealing with a broken pressure reducing valve, or you may not have one installed yet. We can fix that!

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