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Feeling Gassy? Detecting Gas Leaks

Gas Leaks

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous accidents that can happen in your home. Leaking natural gas can cause fires, asphyxiation, explosions, property loss, and even death. Every year, families needlessly die as a result of gas leaks. While getting an annual check-up on your natural gas pipes and appliances greatly reduces the risk of a leak, it is not flawless; but knowing how to recognize and respond to a gas leak can be the difference between life and death. And during barbecue season, you have to be extra alert.

First, here are a few tips for gas safety that will help you avoid ever having an accident. Never block your access or visibility to your gas pipes; never hang things on gas pipes or let your children climb or swing on them; keep grills and fires far away from natural gas lines; avoid moving your natural gas appliances at all cost; and never build anything on top of a gas line. Installing carbon monoxide detectors can help catch a gas leak early, but accidents still happen, so stay aware.

Using your senses, you can detect a gas leak and avoid disaster. Natural gas is odorless, but for human safety, gas plants mix it with a substance called mercaptan, whose sulfuric, “rotten-egg” smell can signify a leak in or around your house. Sometimes you can see a leak, either by seeing dust blow, water bubble, or foliage wilt and die in a concentrated area. And if your miss any of these signs, you’ll certain see them once they catch flame! Also, you can sometimes hear a leak as either a blowing, a hissing, or any strange sound from a natural gas appliance.

Once you detect a leak, there are many things that your SHOULD NOT do. DO NOT turn on any lights, switches, or electronics on or off, as they might spark and explode. Extinguish all candles and flames. DO NOT turn on your car or open your automatic garage. DO NOT try to locate the leak, turn off the gas, or even put out any flames. Leave your house immediately, call your Calgary gas leak service, and DO NOT go back in your home until your technician says it is safe.

An emergency like this really should not happen if you take the proper precautions. Call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing at 403-520-2040 or contact us online  to set up an appointment. We can install, repair, and inspect interior and exterior gas lines and advise you on gas safety. If you schedule biannual check-ups with Mr. Mike’s , you can feel good about your house and family’s safety. From gas leaks to sewer and drain services to faucet repair Calgary Alberta chooses Mr.Mike’s Plumbing.

Please tell us any gas leak stories or suggestions you have, or share your experience with Mr. Mike’s expert Calgary plumbing contractors!