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November 18, 2019
Mr. Mikes Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Calgary
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November 18, 2019
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Mr. Mikes Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Calgary

You come home after a long day of working. Your day hasn’t been the best. You go to use the facilities as most of us do, you flush your toilet when all of a sudden you hear bubbling in your bathtub and notice that the waste in the toilet is backing up into your bowl and now into your shower!! You start panicking and try to plunge your toilet as the strong smell of sewage and feces starts coming into the bathtub! Nothing is working, you leave it for a short time and notice the water in the toilet has gone down but the bathtub still has water in it, so you google the best way to un-clog your drain online. You realize you have Draino under your sink and pour some in the toilet and cautiously flush… this makes the toilet and bathtub back up even more! At this point you are at a loss of what to do so you google Calgary’s best plumbers– And behold, Mr. Mikes Plumbing comes up as a top-rated company with over 500 5-star reviews so you call them.

The friendly office staff answer your call promptly and advise you when they can get your appointment booked in. They have availability today in the next 2-3 hours! You accept this appointment and wait for your plumber.

The plumber shows up at your door, you great him in a panic stating the smell is unbearable and the water has now over-flowed from the toilet everywhere. The Calgary plumber comes in puts on his blue booties and you take him straight to the bathroom of smelly gunk!

The plumber looks over everything and gives you up front costing and explains what he thinks the issue is. He states that there is more then likely a clog right in-between where the tub drain meets the toilet drain and advises that he should pull the toilet and run his cable machine down it. You accept this but you also ask why its so smelly! He advises that because it is waste that there has probably been a clog for while that just became fully clogged the fecal matter, toilet paper and waste more then likely have been in the drain for awhile. He also explains that he has a drain deodorizer which will help with the smell once he has cleared the clog. This puts your mind at ease. Once you have accepted the work this fantastic plumber starts working right away gathering his tools and starting to drain water from the toilet so he can remove it. Once the toilet is off you see him start to put a big cable down your toilet hole with a big end on it and starts feeding it down. After a few minutes you see the entire cable is down the drain, you notice the plumber pulling the cable out. Once he gets it out you can see the end of the cable with toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and paper towel all on the end. The plumber explains the clog should be cleared as these things were over 30 feet down the drain. He recommends doing a camera to make sure the clog is cleared from the drain. He provides you with an extra cost to do this. You feel as though this is getting a little pricey and explain to the plumber your concern. He reassures you that you do not have to do this work but he can not guarantee the clog won’t come back without having eyes down the drain and offers you a $50.00 off coupon towards the camera! So, you accept.

The plumber leaves to go out to his truck to grab the camera. He comes back in a few moment later and starts to camera your drain showing you the live feed right from his device. At about 35-40 feet down the plumber notices no issues and explains that the clog is cleared! Problem fixed! He also advises you that you will receive a warranty and a copy of this live footage. You feel more then relieved once he is done his work and cleanup. He also shows you the water in the bathtub is gone and he starts to clean up the debris in the tub. You are amazed at how clean this plumber is leaving your home!
Once he is done his cleanup, he shows you his bottle of drain deodorizer he mentioned to help get rid of the smell. He starts to pour some in the drain of the tub and down the hole before he resets your toilet back into place. He advises you the smell should go away within 20 minutes. He then advises you he does sell these bottles and asks if you would like to purchase one? You happily agree! The plumber resets your toilet and finishes up his work. You are so impressed by how efficient and honest this plumber was and can see why they have such a great rating! You finish up with the plumber, pay your bill and go about your day with ease knowing your smelly, clogged toilet has been taken care of!