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Well Pump Repair

Well Pump Repair

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Well Pump Repairs You Can Trust

For few years, we have provided the finest in well pump repair and installation work for both residential and commercial customers in the Calgary area.  You will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work, professionalism of our technicians and our reasonable prices.

We can diagnose most problems right over the phone and provide you with an estimate immediately.  If you have any of the following problems, call us for an estimate (403) 520-2040


Common Well Pump Problems

  •         Well pump does not come on at all –This could indicate the breaker has been thrown and may point to a problem with the water well pressure switch or the pump itself
  •         Water pressure drops or even stops while in use –Typically a problem with the well pump pressure tank – with a fully drained system, the well pump pressure tank should hold only air
  •         Well pump water pressure is very low – There are potentially a lot of issues so all components of the well pump system must be checked in order to determine the problem
  •         Well pump pressure is very erratic – Again, there are potentially a lot of issues so all components of the well pump system must be checked in order to determine the problem
  •         Water pressure starts strong but then suddenly shuts down –Typically a situation where the well pump pressure switch is corroded or when the switch can no longer detect the pressure in the system

If you’ve lost well pump pressure to your home or office, Mr. Mike’s Plumbing can get you back up and running very quickly in most cases with very minimal costs.  We are the Triad leader in the well pump repair and installation and our professional and competent service technicians have experience with all brands.


How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Well pump?

 You probably have submersible water pumps which can operate while fully submerged in water. Submersible pumps are used for a variety of applications in our area from residential to commercial and agricultural.  Sealing systems keep the water from entering the pump motor that can cause damage and failure. 

 A new well pump will cost between $850 and $2,000 on average, but this is not always the right solution for your needs. Well pump repair and replacement are two different things and your unique situation will dictate whether or not well pump replacement is required.

 Well pumps are not made to last forever, and there will be instances where you will have to replace your well pump. At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing, we strive to make sure that we explore the options for other kinds of fix and replacement options if they can be used instead of a pump replacement.


What to Do When Well Pump Stops Working?

 There are some steps you should look into before you assume that you will need a well pump replacement for your home. You can look into some of these items yourself before you call in an expert for your well pump needs.

         Check Fuses and Breakers

Make sure that your well pump has power. This is a very common issue that can lead to issues with your well pump that has nothing to do with its overall function. Power issues can lead to other kinds of risks related to home fires and other problems, so you should never ignore these possible culprits.

         Check Out the Pressure Tank

 Well pump repair and replacement are often predicated on the performance of your well in relation to your pressure tank. The two items must work together for your well pump to behave as it should. The system that is in place in your well pump arrangement will likely be set up so that each faucet that is turned on will not cause strain on the well pump itself.

 If you are having issues with your well pump, you need to look at your pressure tank as well. An expert can come to your home or business to check this out for you if need be. Proper maintenance is not always enough to take care of your well pump needs, and items can break despite your best efforts to keep your system healthy.

         Pump Failure

 If other parts of your well pump system seem to be working but you are still experiencing reduced water pressure and other issues with your pressure tank, you will need to have an expert technician come to look at your well pump. This can be a sign that your well pump itself needs replacement.

 If you need a quote or assistance assessing a possible replacement, it is always better to work with a well pump repair service that will know its way around all of the possible reasons that your well pump might have failed. If there are other reasons for the system to have stopped working, these issues can be addressed at the time of the visit.


 Jet Pump or Submersible Pump?

 Jet pump well pump systems pull in water will submersible pumps work by pushing water upward. Pushing water requires much less energy than pulling it, so a submersible pump is often more efficient than any other well pump design.

 These well pump systems can offer their own benefits but we can work on a problem that you might be having with either kind of well pump arrangement. From electrical issues to cycling problems and broken controls, we can help you with your pump failure diagnosis needs and maintenance to parts that might have become damaged during your daily use of your well pump.


If you have questions about your submersible pump, call us at (403) 520-2040

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company and our best product is superior customer service.  All our service technicians are fully licensed, bonded, insured, experienced.  Call us today for a free estimate at (403) 520-2040

We provide quick onsite service and customer satisfaction is our number one product.  Providing well pump services for Calgary areas!