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Water Heaters

Water Heaters Calgary

Over the last few years we have repaired or installed virtually every brand and model of water heater.  And so, before you shell out hundreds for a new water heater, first see if your old unit can be fixed.  So many times, we have affordably repaired a water heater problem, saving the expense of purchasing a new one.  If you are having problems, before you buy a new water heater give us a call for a free consultation.  Call today (403) 520-2040

Need A New Water Heater installs Calgary?
No one in the triad more experience with water heaters and we would welcome the opportunity to share that knowledge to help you get started.  We at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing have experience with the full array of water heaters with the latest technologies, from high-capacity conventional tank units to tankless water heaters that provides an almost unlimited supply of hot water and save energy.  We think customer service begins prior to the purchase by helping our customers start the process to select the water heater that is right for them.

Getting Started
Many factors determine which water heater is best for your home, but one of the most important is capacity.  Too small a capacity can add stress to the family, while excess capacity can be very costly. Think about the number of family members, the number of showers taken each day, how often laundry is done or the dishwasher is run. Give us a call to calculate how much you will need.

It is estimated that heating water accounts for up to 20 percent of the average home’s energy budget.  But many energy saving heaters carry upfront costs more than you have budgeted.  We can help you find the type, brand, model and features of a new water heater that is best for your home.

Most water heaters are grouped in the following classes:

  • Storage-tank heaters are found in most homes today and they include
  •  Electric Water Heaters
  •  Gas Water Heaters
  • Tankless heaters
  • Point of Use Water Heaters
  • Hybrid electric heaters
  • Solar water heaters

These types carry different acquisition costs (purchase plus installation), features, operating costs, space needed, warranties, reliability, longevity and safety concerns.  Let us help you find the type that is right for you.  Call today (403) 520-2040

A Word About Tankless Water Heaters
Gas-fired tankless water heaters can cut energy costs by up to half over regular storage heaters.  But their performance varies greatly between brands and models; including efficiency, durability and cost effectiveness.  Just some of the advantages of tankless water heaters include:

  • Comfort and convenience
    Families appreciate continuous hot water so there is no more scheduling bathing times.
    Save space – tankless water heaters take up a lot less room than storage-tank heaters. Simply mount on a wall.
  • Cost savings
    Reduce heating costs – enjoy monthly savings up to 40% off your utility bill
  • Eco-friendly
    Go green – tankless water heaters are 30% more efficient than a storage-tank heaters
  • Long-lasting and reliable:
    Tankless water heaters typically enjoy a significantly longer lifespan and most carry unsurpassed warranties
  • Clean
    Clean water – with tankless you are not exposed to water that has been sitting in a tank with accumulated rust and scale

A Word About Warranties
In the store, water heaters look pretty much the same from the outside.  But after years of seeing the inside, we know that most of the time units with longer warranties are better water heaters.  Our experience is that longer warranties mean larger burners so water is heated faster and insulation is thicker so those units are more efficient.  Depending on your budget, we usually recommend brands with longer warranties.

Other Features
Glass lined tanks are designed to reduce corrosion inside the tank.  Brass drain valves are generally more durable than plastic alternatives.  Anti scale features are designed to reduce the buildup of mineral scale that can shorten the life of the heating element.

Let us help with all your water heater problems.  You can trust Mr. Mike’s Plumbing to give you an honest and fair estimate to repair your current water heater.  Looking for a new water heater – we would love to help you from search phase to after the installation.  We always stand by our work.

Call today (403) 520-2040.