Doing Plumbing Repairs
Doing Plumbing Repairs
October 26, 2016
Parts of Plumbing Fixtures
The Essential Parts of Plumbing
October 26, 2016
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Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems

Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing systems frequently develop problems. Even if proper care is taken in the design and installation of a plumbing system, problems do eventually crop up.

When these problems arise, it is important that they be fixed promptly.

The Usual Plumbing Problems

  • * Faucets may sometimes develop problems and need to be replaced, possibly due to leaks around handles or spouts.
  • * Toilets may cause trouble when they become clogged or blocked. Plumbing problems in the toilet can also be the constant or intermittent flushing.
  • * Drain pipes and water pipe can develop holes and start leaking.
  • * Drains in toilets, sinks or bathtubs can become clogged.
  • * Leaky caulking somewhere in the plumbing system is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

How to Deal with Plumbing Problems

Before you begin your plumbing repairs here are some common tools you may need: augers, plungers, pipe wrenches and adjustable wrenches, washers, screwdrivers and pliers. You will typically find these tools at your local hardware store.

Two common plumbing problems are drain back up and water pressure. It is very important to have proper drainage and water flow. Cold weather may cause pipes to freeze. To prevent this you may want to run a trickle of water from the faucets to keep the water flowing. You may need to use heaters and lamps to thaw pipes that are already frozen.

Prevent Plumbing Problems Before they Happen

  • * To prevent your pipes from freezing, you should wrap uninsulated pipes with foam or insulating tape.
  • * Never pour grease, greasy substances or chemical cleaners down the drain.
  • * Regularly pouring hot water down the drain in the kitchen sink will help to prevent the buildup of materials that may cause clogs.

    Problems Solved by a Good Plumber

A plumber’s most significant role is setting up and maintaining your plumbing system as well as fixing any plumbing problem that may arise. As a homeowner, you should also help out in whatever way you’re able. However, when a plumbing problem progresses outside of your capability, you need to call your plumber right away.