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The Essential Parts of Plumbing

Parts of Plumbing Fixtures

Every part of a plumbing system has a significant role to play. To ensure problem-free and efficient operation of your plumbing system, all parts must be fitted and placed correctly and maintained properly.

Parts of Plumbing Fixtures

A plumbing system consists of several plumbing fixtures. Each of these plumbing fixtures consists of several parts. Faucets, toilets, and drains are plumbing fixtures that are made up of a number of parts. Various dealers keep replacement parts in stock.

Many of the common plumbing parts are bathroom parts, including lavatory drain parts, toilet parts, tub and shower parts, and urinal parts. Faucet parts, another common plumbing parts, include aerators and adapters, cartridges, escutcheons and flanges, handles, spouts, sprayers, faucet stems, pop-ups, shower balances, sleeve pullers, reseating tools, tube benders and seals. In addition to these, there are pipes, pumps, strainers, valves, water filters, and water heaters.

Plumbing parts that are commonly stocked by dealers include:

  • * handles for the faucet
    * dual handle (ceramic) cartridge used to control water flow
    * shower stems used for turning the water on and off
    * water spouts
    * flushometers
    * escutcheons, which are cover plates for faucets
    * faucet for the washer to sit against when the water is shut off
    * toilet ball cock to act as a valve for water filling
    * flush valve for flushing the toilet

Points to Remember When Buying Parts

It is best to buy parts from professional plumbing contractors because they often provide warranties for parts. If a part is defective, you, the homeowner, can go back to the contractor for replacement or repair of the defective part. Some manufacturers of plumbing parts provide their own warranty. However, if a part is found to be defective, help from a qualified plumber or plumbing contractor is still needed.

Keep in mind that it cab be difficult for someone who is not a plumber to judge the quality of parts. Be aware that just because you may find a part at a price cheaper than that offered by a contractor, that does not necessarily mean you have found a better deal.