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March 8, 2019
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March 13, 2019
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Mr. Mikes Plumbing Repipe Services

Why Mr. Mike’s Repipe?

Benefits of COPPER or PEX repiping:

  • Increased water pressure.
  • No more rusty or discolored water.
  • Being able to use more than one fixture at a time.
  • No more leaky pipes.
  • No scalding in the shower when the washing machine, sink, or toilet used.
  • New sense of security and greater peace of mind.
  • You don’t have to ask for permission to take a shower.
  • Prevention before disaster.
  • Increased desirability of home and added value to your home.

At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing, the plumbing Calgary homeowners call on us for ranges in terms of scope of work and desired result. We may be contacted by a homeowner who understands the benefits of COPPER or PEX repiping and wants to ensure – in no uncertain terms – that their home is on the cutting-edge with regard to the use of high-quality products. We are also called in to help homeowners reverse the issues they are having with their current plumbing. Calgary customers have many options but they choose Mr. Mike’s Plumbing

At Mr. Mike’s we feel so strongly about the benefits of COPPER and PEX repiping that we are happy to go into any home or business. We help our customers understand the value of what they are getting and will show them how the introduction of repiping will immediately elevate the value of their property – making it more desirable for resale. And in the meantime, homeowners can take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with having a solid plumbing foundation.

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing and Draing Cleaning is on the cutting edge of materials and plumbing supplies. Calgary homes, as well as homes across the country, have seen copper fast become the lead plumbing material used today, as it offers a far superior value than traditional materials and is a more efficient and safer choice for homeowners. The benefits of copper include:

  • Natural product that is environmentally friendly.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Requires fewer supports.
  • Leakproof joints.
  • Reliable in the long term.
  • Cost-effective.
  • So preferable is copper plumbing that more than 80% of new home construction includes copper piping.
  • Safer – inhibits bacterial growth and will not support combustion.
  • Maintains integrity under extreme conditions.

Additionally, PEX piping – a cutting-edge plastic material – is also a popular choice, offering its own set of advantages for homeowners.

  • More affordable than alternative materials.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight.
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures.

At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing we look forward to helping you with your next repiping project. Unlike many traditional Calgary plumbers, our experts will examine your needs and will recommend a plan that is in keeping with your structural needs, as well as your budgetary guidelines. We approach each project on a case by case basis and have built a reputation on supplying customers with customized solutions. In fact, our dedication to customer service has been what has set us apart amongst Calgary plumbers. We are not just interested in making sure the job gets done; we are invested in making sure the job gets done right and that our customers are happy, feel they were treated fairly, and got value for their money. Let us help you with your next plumbing project.

Don’t just call a plumber. Calgary homeowners call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing.