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Garbage Disposal Repair and Replace

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replace

A garbage disposal unit is an electrically powered device that chops up your food into little pieces so that they can smoothly pass through your plumbing. Garbage disposals have become indispensable tools of the kitchen but not without their own set of headaches.

Due to the many intricate parts of a garbage disposal, when a challenge beyond some troubleshooting and basic quick fixes presents itself, a plumber may often be necessary.

At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing our professional plumbers have extensive experience repairing and replacing garbage disposals. We are here for you 24/7 in Calgary to help you get your garbage disposal up and running again.

Basic Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

  • The disposal will not turn on. This means that it might be an electrical problem. Find the little red reset button on the bottom of your garbage disposal and try pressing it. If it is slightly popped out, that means it is reset. Push it back in and try turning the disposal on again. If this does not work, give us a call and we will diagnose and take care of the problem for you.
  • You hear humming from the motor. The disposer might be jammed. If you are just hearing humming when you turn on the switch, try to get any foreign objects out of the disposer and then try turning it on again. This symptom may also be due to a faulty motor, in which case you need the garbage disposal replaced. Remember, do not reach into the disposal with your hand! Many accidents are caused by this every year.

Things To Keep Away From Your Garbage Disposal

There are certain kinds of foods that are not recommended for the garbage disposal. A good way to prevent problems with your garbage disposal is to avoid throwing foods in there such as:

  • Fibrous vegetable parts; corn husks, avocado leaves, onion skins, etc… The fibers can wrap around moving parts of the disposal.
  • Potato peels (starch can get ground up in the drain and clog the pipes)
  • Tea bags, paper towels or napkins
  • Bleach or other chemicals
  • And of course… be sure to keep metal objects such as cutlery safely away from the garbage disposal
    If you are having problems with the garbage disposal that are proving too challenging, call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing and we will quickly diagnose your garbage disposal problem and offer you options to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced. Proudly serving Calgary…

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