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January 17, 2019
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Furnace Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Furnace Tune Ups

Maintenance and Tune-Ups for your Furnace

To ensure you retain increased reliability and the energy efficiency of your Calgary home’s furnace, speak with Mr. Mike’s Furnace about how we can help you with our 50 Point Safety and Furnace Tune-Up.  We will provide you with a complete expert inspection of your system for any commonly known problems that could save you on unnecessary excess energy costs and easily averted breakdown repairs.  Mr. Mike’s Furnace can schedule your service for a time that is convenient for you even on weekends and during evenings.  All are provided by a highly trained technician who will be presentable and helpful and from a local Calgary company that has been serving the Calgary area for over 30 years.  We can help you get the most out of your furnace today. We also offer furnace replacement Calgary area.


With the burning of gas in your home for heating purposes it comes with many potential safety risks such as the risk of fire, the risk of gas escaping, noxious exhaust gases and the risk of an explosion.  That’s why it is crucial you have your furnace system regularly checked for any potential safety risks by a qualified and experienced expert from Mr. Mike’s Furnace. See also furnace repair Calgary.

Our comprehensive safety inspection includes: Analysis for the presence of carbon monoxide and combustible gas

  • Checking for sufficient combustion air
  • Visually inspecting the heat exchanger for possible cracks or other defects
  • Cleaning the main burners, heat exchanger, blower, and pilot assembly
  • Replacing the blower belt where necessary
  • Replacing the standard filter as required
  • Providing you with a full written report(END IMAGE HERE)


If a furnace is left without regular servicing, it becomes increasingly less efficient and could be leaving you with higher energy bills as well as putting the system at risk of a breakdown with the added strain of having to work harder to create the same heat.  With a professional maintenance inspection from Mr. Mike’s Furnace, you can avoid the risk of a breakdown when you need your furnace the most.  With over 30 years of experience, Calgary Furnace is known to service all brands and models of Furnace in Calgary. See also furnace filter cleaning.

Your Mr. Mike’s Calgary Furnace tune-up will:

  • Optimize the life expectancy of your furnace
  • Minimize the chance of having a cold winter night
  • Adjust heat rise to manufacturer specifications
  • Ensure safe and healthy operation
  • Save you money

The most important time to ensure you have your system services is before the onset of winter when you will need your system the most.

For your complete safety inspection and tune-up of your gas-fired furnace system, call the Calgary experts with over 30 years of experience – call Mr. Mike’s Furnace today.