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6 Ways to Unclog a Drain

Clean Drain

Over time it is inevitable that one drain or multiple drains will become clogged in your home. Hair, grease, food and other debris flows down the drain and eventually builds up to create a blockage in your home plumbing. Mr. Mike’s  Calgary Plumber recommends the best way to avoid a clog is to keep up on regular home maintenance, but people typically don’t think about their plumbing until there is a problem. There are all kinds of gimmicks on the market claiming to unclog your drain, and some do work, but most of the time you’ll have to remove the clog yourself. Of course you can always call one of the plumbers Calgary supplies.  Now there are number of ways to can unclog a drain yourself with out using harsh chemical drain cleaners, which can hurt you and your pipes, and without having to call an expensive plumber Calgary recommends.

  • Hot Water

: This can be one of the easiest fixes for a clogged drain. Water just short of boiling can clean out your drain if it is not fully clogged. Pour the hot water down your drain and wait 10-15 minutes.

  • Clean the Drain

    Remove the stopper on your tap drain or your bath tub drain. It should pull out or screw out fairly easily. The plumbers Calgary recommends cleaning out the buildup under the drain stopper. Then use a wire coat hanger or a thin piece of wire and push it into the drain so you can pull out hair and other debris that has built up. Keep working at this process until you are confident that you’ve cleared the clog.

  • Plunger:

    Plumbers Calgary supplies recommend you have two plungers in your home. One that is used for the toilet and the other for your tub and tap clogs. Remove the drain stopper and place the plunger over the drain opening, create a seal with the plunger. Make sure you have enough water in the sink to cover the plunger. Plunge up and down 10 times. You may need to repeat a few times if necessary.

  • Vinegar:

    This can be a useful home remedy for clogged drains, and it is safer than a chemical drain cleaner. Plumbers Calgary uses recommend combing 1/3 cup of vinegar with a 1/3 cup of baking soda. Careful, the mixture will start fizzing immediately. Quickly pour the mixture down the drain so it can start working on the clog. Let it stand for 10 minutes and then follow with a flush of hot water. Repeat if necessary.

  • Drain Snake:

    Plumbers Calgary supplies use drain snakes all the time for home plumbing clogs. If you have clogs fairly often in your home a drain snake might be a good investment for you. A snake is a long steel cable with a spring; it can extend down a drain 15-25 feet. Snakes are sold at most hardware stores.

  • Vacuum:

    If you are dealing with a pesky clog you can also try a wet/dry vacuum. Plumbers Calgary use say you should remove the filter on the vacuum and put the hose over the drain opening. The vacuum should be able to suck out and debris inside the drain.