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24 Hour Plumber in Calgary

24 Hour Plumber

When emergency calls late at night or in the early hours of the morning, it is helpful to have access to a 24 hour plumber in Calgary.
24 hour plumbers are usually specialists in emergency plumbing. In a city like Calgary, except in construction projects where the work is under an incredibly quick deadline, employing plumbers in the middle of the night is not a regular practice. When someone is having problems with their plumbing in the wee hours of the morning, however, is when Calgary 24 hour plumbers can come in incredibly handy.

How to prepare when calling a 24 hour plumber in Calgary

  • Have the phone numbers for a few options, as when an emergency strikes, minutes  can make the difference between a small and a large repair bill
  • Have a regular plumber that you use so that they are already familiar with your house and plumbing setup
  • Know where certain important plumbing areas of your house are – specifically the master shut off for water
  • If you live in a condo have the property management 24 hour contact information ready – if the source (or consequence) of a plumbing problem is outside of your unit, then they are the ones who can access other areas of your building. As well, it helps to get to know your neighbors and other on your condo board
  • If you rent, it’s usually best to try to attempt to call your landlord ahead of time. They often have an arrangement with a specific plumber who is familiar with the property for services. If an emergency plumber is needed, however, and you cannot get a hold of your landlord, most won’t mind your calling someone to stop the initial problem. It is best practice, however, to ask your landlord about this beforehand.

How to tell if a plumber has emergency or 24 hour capabilities?

First of all, simply ask them when you are talking with them. Most will have an advertisement, or on their phone number either have a 24 hour operator answering, or will provide their cell phone on their answering service.

Should cost be considered?

Cost is always an important factor when making any decision involving a property, whether rented or owned.
It is important, however to consider the initial short term cost when compared with the potential for long term damage to the property. Even minor water damage to your property can cost hundred or thousands in repair bills, as well increase insurance premiums and decrease the resale potential of your property.
Usually, the cost involved in having a licensed Calgary plumbing contractor over to even look at a problem is far less than the potential damage in the long run.