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Your Summer of Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

One of the most essential pieces of plumbing on your property tends to be one of the most neglected or forgotten ones as well: your sewer line. Household sewer lines bring your entire house’s waste water—from baths, showers, sinks, and toilets—from below your house to the municipal sewer line in the street, in which it flows to the nearest sewage treatment plan. But since so much dirty water flows through this pipe (which can have a diameter as small as 4”) and since it is under the ground outdoors, it is very susceptible to clogging, leaking, and other damage. A clogged sewer line can be dirty, break, or flood your home’s bathrooms and appliances, so it’s never a bad time to get your Colorado sewers and drains checked out by a local Calgary plumbing contractor. There is no better time for a Calgary sewer cleaning than summertime, so know the risks of sewer clogging and your options for fighting it.

Sewer lines should be cleaned every 18-22 months. Common clogging agents are the roots of trees—which can slip through pipe cracks in search of water and grow rapidly—large objects accidentally flushed or washed down the drain, and a gradual, oatmeal-like buildup of sludge and waste. The last of these can be reduced by keeping your drains clean: store-bought chemicals like Drano do the trick, but they can harm the user and the environment. Homemade, natural alternatives include salt and vinegar or baking soda poured down the drain, flushed out by boiling water ten minutes later to wash out the debris.

Solid clogs, however, require going through the sewer line directly, which can be done in a number of ways. Nowadays, plumbing code requires plumbers to install outside sewer laterals, portals through which pipe-cleaning machinery can travel up and down the line. That machinery can be one of several things: electric cable snakes, or plumbers’ snakes, are long tubes with cutter blades at the end that chop away big clogs and tree routes; high pressure water jets clear away liquid and some solid obstructions. But the only way to tell whether a sewer line is fully cleaned rather than just unclogged is with a CCTV camera inspection. Plumbers can send a small video camera into your pipes to determine whether a full water jet cleaning (which is more expensive than the plumbers’ snake) is necessary.

Do not wait too long—call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Company for your Calgary sewer cleaning needs. We are your Calgary sewer and drain service for total cleaning. Schedule a sewer cleaning appointment every 18-22 months, and talk to us about anything you need in between.

Share any tips you have for keeping your drains and sewers clean, or tell us about the experience you had with Mr. Mike’s !