Yard Line & Water Leak Repair in Calgary Alberta

Yard Line & Water Leak Repair in Calgary Alberta

Call our expert Mr. Mike's Calgary plumbers for yard line & water leak repair & replacement today! 

If you have seen a spike in your Calgary water bill with no explanation available, you may have a nasty water leak! Whether that leak is located indoors (perhaps in your kitchen or bathroom) or outside (maybe in your yard), our Calgary plumbing company has the solution to the problem.

  • Yard Lines

Flooding in your yard is the most common – and most easily spotted – symptom of a leaking yard line. While on the surface, this may seem like a simple repair, you’d be surprised how often the source of the leak is found relatively far from the flooded area of your lawn. With our cutting edge technology, Mr. Mike's Plumbing company in Calgary can determined precisely where the yard leak is located. Our van will be fully equipped for repairs upon arrival so we can get your life back on schedule, and your water bill back on budget in no time!

  • Water Lines

If you are experiencing an in-house water leak, the signs could be detrimental, usually resulting in costly repairs. Warped floors and cabinets with water damage, or wet sheet rock, are often symptoms of an indoor water leak. To save you the most time and money on repairs, our plumbers will locate and repair the leak in a prompt and orderly manner, with ease and professionalism.

Regardless of the leak location, Mr. Mike's Plumbing Company of Calgary can find and solve the problem, quickly and efficiently, and when the repair is complete, we’ll leave the area as clean as we found it so you’ll hardly know we were there! Don’t hesitate and allow more damage to come to your property, contact us for an estimate today!

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