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How To Select The Best Drain Cleaning Tool

Drain Cleaning Services

Imagine this: It’s Monday morning and you’re getting ready to go to the office. Just as soon as you flush the toilet, the water gurgles up and settles down without emptying the waste! Yikes! You’ve got a huge problem – a clogged drain. It’s time to take out that handy drain cleaning tool or call a drain cleaning company if the matters are worse.

Emergencies such as these can crop up any time. It is best to be prepared for these by stocking up on the best drain cleaning tools. By using the right tools for the job, you can clear away waste, grease, corrosion, food waste and other particles from drains.

A ubiquitous plunger is a tool that most people are familiar with. The suction action of the rubber plunger is effective against very small blocks. That is why the plunger finds a place, not just in households but also in the toolkits of professional plumbers. This is indeed one of the most important professional drain cleaning tools.

The term ‘Auger‘ refers to any equipment that is used for drain cleaning. It contains a drain cleaning coil that tapers to tips that look like a corkscrew. These are one of the best drain cleaning tools for the kitchen or the shower. When choosing this professional drain cleaning tool, it is important to go for a model that is slender, easy to handle and highly effective. A flexible trunk is an asset as this allows the operator to manipulate the cable into drain openings located anywhere. Augers of different capacities are available for professional drain cleaning although a household can do with the most basic model.

A water jetting machine is designed to help clear the most stubborn blocks and is, therefore, an essential element of sewer cleaning equipment. The beauty of water jetting machines is that they are simple to use and they work fast. Good machines are fitted with retractable handles that make it easy to transport these machines.

Video inspection equipment is an essential part of the professional plumber’s toolkit. Durable camera systems allow plumbers to diagnose the problem accurately. So, whether the block is due to an impacted root or a collapsed line, the equipment allows the plumber to ‘see’ into the drain. Different kinds of equipment are available for different capacities. The higher end systems have high-resolution monitors and commercial grade VCR that is built into the pieces of equipment.

The above are some of the more popular sewer cleaning in Calgary equipment you can buy. Even when you stock up on these sophisticated drain cleaning tools, do not forget to buy basic tools like knives and blades that can make easy work of your sewer or drain cleaning job. It doesn’t matter if you have state-of-the-art machines. Sometimes, you simply have to go to the basics!