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October 9, 2018
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October 15, 2018
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Find A Plumber In Calgary To Help Fix Your Drains

Sewer Line Inspection

If your drains have been giving you problems for a while, then it is definitely time to find a plumber in Calgary to help fix your drains. You are better dealing with a drain problem and scheduling a repair because if a major crisis arises and an emergency plumber has to be brought in at can cost a lot more.

How do you maintain your sewers?

Prevention is better than cure, it is said, and this is very much the case with sewers. The first step to maintaining your sewers is to have a sewer line inspection performed once you find a plumber in Calgary. This process involves assessing your sewer line and making sure that there are no cracks, offsets, foreign objects, tree roots or even blockages. Such measures will help to make sure that you are not caught out with drastic issues that will cost a fortune. This process is also a great idea for first time home owners as it can help to protect the dream they have so heavily invested in. Sewer inspections are also very valuable for construction companies and real estate agents to carry out in order to make sure the property is at it’s optimum state.

How do you fix the sewer pipes?

So what happens when it gets to the stage that your sewer needs repair? First find a plumber who knows sewer lines. Typical signs that something is up with a sewer system, includes smells coming from sinks and toilets, water drainage becoming sluggish and odd noises being made by the toilet. Generally, newer sewer pipes are made to last for the life of the building. Some of the older systems, however, are made of clay and need replacing in the past 20 years. There are many companies that can help with sewer replacement and it is worth choosing one with a great reputation for cost effective services that don’t compromise quality. One such company is Mr. Mike’s Plumbing serving Calgary since 2015 and pioneers at trenchless sewer line replacement.

Replace or repair?

If you start to smell sewage in your yard, notice sink holes in your yard or cracks in your concrete, then it is time for the pipes to be replaced completely. It can be an expensive exercise, particularly especially if the pipes are under your home, stair ways or the drive way. Other factors that can raise the costs include having to dig up the road if the line needs to be replaced all the way to the city sewer main. It is suggested that a camera be run down the line to assess the problem. Find a plumber who can perform a sewer line inspection which can greatly reduce other problems and costs in the long term.

Need to find a plumber? Who are you going to call?

If you need to find a plumber in Calgary for your sewer line replacement, you should give Mr. Mike’s Plumbing a call. We will provide you with the best advice possible, we have years of experience and know the best way to replace your sewer line.