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Benefits of Using Video Drain Inspections

Video Drain Inspections

Video drain inspection is a new state of the art mode to inspect drainage system and pipes without having to remove them. It is mostly used to identify faults in the drainage like dirt or debris that might need some cleaning. It can also be used to identify any build up sludge within the system. This shift from the traditional way of assessing pipe conditions is much easier. The traditional way of locating any blockage was so difficult and time consuming, it needed a lot of labor and resources. However, with the video drain inspection, you are able to see every detail in the drainage.

It becomes easier to locate dirt and you are in a position to prevent debris from building up and consequently causing blockage of the system. With this kind of technology, you will be able to make better, informed, and sound decisions based on the reliable information. There is direct evidence that reduces on guessing of what should be done. It allows you to work only where there is need; you are able to identify a spot that needs cleaning and only work on that particular place rather than cleaning the entire system. This reduces on time and costs for the company.

Video drainage inspection cameras at times come with light heads for directions. They come with tractor units that drive the cameras, tilt, and pan camera heads to give all directions, and control units that guide the system. They also come with other facilities to help solve any unusual circumstances that you may encounter. The cameras also come in various sizes and shapes. Hence, there is no need to worry about the size of the drainage or pipes being used. You can get very small and compact system that can navigate narrow pipes of one inch diameter with ease and still able to monitor the entire system giving you all the details necessary.

However, the small cameras are not able to pan or tilt and might not have additional features as those of larger cameras; this is due to their size. Nevertheless, they provide essential services. They are excellent when it come to maintaining and inspecting narrow pipes especially in potentially hazardous areas. Such cameras are highly effective for petrochemical plants. As for those industries that have got a complex drainage system need video drainage inspection cameras. With regular inspections, they are able to prevent unnecessary losses. It can be very costly if the company gets sudden breakdowns in their system.

In most cases, video drain inspections are designed for any possible eventuality and need. You may need the small cameras to monitor you drainage, the larger ones, or the highly sophisticated depending on the need. The cameras are made to provide the client with an accurate condition of what is going on in the system hence they are able to prepare themselves for any possible eventuality that they may foresee. Drainage inspection has never been made easier, time saving, and cost effective, as is the case when you use a video drainage inspection system.