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What is Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is an electrical heating system that delivers heat through surfaces such as baseboards that are heated by the flow of hot water or an electric current. This is a very common type of heating system, there are home owners that actually switch over. But some homes have an existing hot water heater and others have boilers, one of the most common asked questions regarding radiant heat is which system should be used.

The answer to that question is 95 percent of the time a domestic water heater is ok. The BTU rating must match the BTU requirements of the space you are heating. If you do have the correct proportions then a good sized unit will give you a great space heat plus domestic hot water. You also really don?t need a boiler in order to use radiant heating unless the heat requirements go beyond 300,000 BTU?s which most do not. But if it was to happen then a mixing valve would be installed into the boiler to allow lower water temps to the radiant floor.

Another most commonly asked question is why is radiant heating better than other heating systems. The best quality of radiant heating is that the items in the room all become warm and then the heat contributes to your overall conformability. Radiant heat does not dry out the air like other systems, so winter dry skin won?t be a factor. Also with radiant heating the house feels warmer at a lower temp setting so you can keep it low and it in the long run will save you money. Your floors will be warmer and no more cold shower floor and your furniture will be warmer as well.

Many people are under the impression that radiant heating costs a lot of money, it may be a little more expensive to install but you can shop around and get the best price to convert. It will save you money once the radiant heat is installed. You will notice a change in your heating bill.

Another concern is that if the home has hardwood floors will the heat warp the floors. Radiant heat will not warp the floor because the water temperature is set only at 125 degrees. In the beginning when radiant heat first was installed in homes , water heaters were being set at 180 degrees but over time it has been experimented and 125 degrees is a perfect setting.

Home owners want to know if carpet will affect the heating process, the truth is that it will slow down the heating effect but it will still work just not as fast as a floor with no carpet.