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October 7, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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Tired of Hard Water That’s Always Cold?

Repair Water Heaters Calgary

In order to have hot water available at the flip of a wrist instead of a five minute wait, the appropriate water heater and recirculation system are needed. When paired with a salt water softener you can have hot water at all faucets at all times. Don’t settle for water spots and high water bills.

Check the tips at the bottom of each page for ways that you can maintain your water heater, water softener, pump and recirculator and prevent costly repairs.

Fix Water Softener Problems and Repair Water Heaters

Water softeners break, as do water heaters, pumps and recirculators. Routing pipes isn’t the same as routing wires on a home stereo because the consequences of a mis-step could be great. Let our service men take care of your problem and prevent the headache.

AZ Tips to Maintain Water Softeners, Heaters, Pumps & Recirculators

If you live in a new home, be sure to flush your water heater once a year.
New homes will have new water heaters that recommend a once a year flush. To find the steps to perform this on your own, visit the articles page and read “How To Flush Your Water Heater” by William

Contrary to the last tip, if you have lived in your home for a while, don’t flush the tank.
For people that have lived in a home or just purchased a home that they know the water heater hasn’t been serviced for over 5 years, you may not want to drain the water heater. Draining the heater will free up and clear sediment, which is the point, but there will likely be so much sediment near the drain stem that a proper seal once closed may be impossible. If you have a leak after you drain your water heater, let us know.

Ensure that your water heaters T&P; is unobstructed.
The Chandler and pressure release valve needs to remain unobstructed in order to work properly and protect the unit from failure. If the T&P; is blocked the water heater may actually explode. It is very unsafe to have this valve obstructed to please let us know if this is the case.

Check your water preasure if you don’t know it.
Each of the hoses located througout your home are rated to handle approximately the same amout of water preasure. Location of each hose will affect the preasure on that hose so be sure to have the preasure levels checked in your home to prevent a disasterous flood.

A hot water recirculating pump working in conjuction with a water softener and water heater will provide your home with consistent soft, hot water right at the spout in seconds, everytime!