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Sewer Line Repair, Maintenance & Installation Calgary

Sewer Line Repair Calgary

Most people think of Mr. Mike’s when they have a problem with their pipes, drains or even their water heater.  But did you know that Mr. Mike’s is the expert to call when you need any work done on your sewer line?  In fact, Mr. Mike’s  of Calgary is the leading expert when it comes to the installation, repair or maintenance of your sewer lines and that is because we have the training, experience, and tools necessary to get the job done faster and better than the rest.  Sewer lines need to work properly all of the time to avoid damage to your yard and the fixtures in your home so it is important to have an experienced professional on the job each and every time your sewer lines need attended to.  We are pleased to know that Mr. Mike’s in Calgary is who to call for your sewer line installation, repair and maintenance.

Every building needs a sewer line, so if you are building a new home we are ready to help you with this part of your exciting endeavor.  However, if you need your sewer line repaired, Mr. Mike’s of Calgary is the best for the job because we offer a higher level of experience than many other plumbers.  We offer traditional and trenchless methods for repair and will help you decide which method is the right choice for you, before we start the job.  Sewer lines need repairs and maintenance checks for many reasons.  If your home is older, then the sewer line has probably been in place since the home was built and may have been made of materials that are less sturdy than what we use now.  Over time, cracks, breaks and corrosion can easily happen during all of the hard work that your sewer line does.  Many times, roots from nearby trees are harmful to sewer lines, because the strength from hardy tree roots can actually cause breakages in the pipes.  Having your sewer lines routinely examined is the only way to make sure your sewer lines are functioning normally and are free of problems.

The most important thing to know about sewer line repair and maintenance is that there are several different methods that can be used to effectively do the job.  Plumbers have been working on sewer lines using the traditional method for many years.  This is done by using a backhoe and digging a huge trench in your yard that allows the plumber to view your whole sewer line and then examine it for where the problem is.  As you can imagine, this creates much damage to your yard and landscaping and is no longer the preferred method for sewer line repair.  Mr. Mike’s Plumbing in Calgary uses the trenchless methods for sewer line repair more than the traditional method.  Trenchless methods are done two ways, either pipe relining or pipe replacement.  Mr. Mike’s first uses state of the art video camera inspection equipment to be able to view the sewer line, if necessary.  Once we know exactly what the problems is and where it is located, only then do we start the repair.  If pipe relining is done, then special equipment is used to insert a thick liquid into the pipe.  Next, an inflatable tube is inserted and left in place until the liquid dries.  Then, the tube is deflated and removed, leaving a relined sewer line in the place which is free of cracks, breaks and corrosion.  If pipe replacement is the method that is best for your problem, then a new pipe is inserted into your sewer line, using your existing pipe as a guide.  The new pipe breaks up your existing pipe as it moves along, leaving only the new pipe in its place that is then connected to your home.  There is no need to remove the old pipe, further minimizing disturbance to your yard.  Whether pipe relining or replacement is used, the new material is sturdier than the pipe that was in place before, so it will withstand damage in the future better than it was previously able to.