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For Kitchen faucets check to see how many holes the faucet will require to mount on the sink. Take into consideration any liquid dispensers, hot water taps, etc.  Sinks can usually have anywhere from 1-5 holes in them.  Some faucets have a plate that covers the extra holes that is usually optional use.  Also check the specifications for spout length and height, etc.

  • Bathroom sink (lavatory) faucets will either be considered a widespread, mini wide spread, centerset, or single hole faucet.  Widespread faucets are usually adjustable from 6”-16” spacing on center from the hot valve to the cold, and will fit an 8” hole drilling on the lavatory.  Mini wide spread and centerset faucets will fit a 4” hole drilling.  And single hole faucets obviously fit a 1 hole drilling on the lavatory.  Some 1-hole faucets have a plate available to cover the extra holes on an existing lav.  Check specifications for spout length and height etc.  Above counter (vessel) sinks require either wall mount faucets or extra high spouts and handle height.
  • Shower faucets are a little more involved.  There are several options.  The most common is a single control pressure balanced faucet.  These faucets are able to sense pressure changes in the line, so that you don’t get scalded when you are taking a shower and someone uses water elsewhere in the home, like flushing the toilet, or running the dishwasher.  Almost all pressure-balanced faucets are single control, and are minimum code in most areas.  The next type is a thermostatic mixing valve.  These have the most accurate water temperature delivery, but they operate differently than a pressure balanced valve.  These only control the water temperature, and have no volume control built in.  So you either need to buy one that has a separate volume control integrated, or purchase volume controls separately.  The volume controls will turn the water on and off to each water outlet you have in the shower, such as showerheads, body sprays etc.  The last kinds of shower faucets are either 2 or 3 handle.  Neither of these are pressure balanced (with only a couple of exceptions) and are not code in most areas.  Check the specifications. 

Also consider the size of the water heater you have.  If you have multiple showerheads and body sprays you will definitely need more hot water!  If you are on a private well, make sure your pump will keep up.

  • Bidet faucets are very specific to the bidet.  There are vertical spray faucets with vacuum breakers.  There are also centerset faucets with over the rim horizontal spray, and single hole over the rim horizontal spray.  Check to make sure what hole drilling your bidet has, and if it is a vertical spray design.  Also, in rare cases some manufacturers faucets will not fit another manufacturers bidet even though they are the same style.  So check specifications to make sure your selections are compatible.  Try to select faucets by the same manufacturer as the bidet to make sure they fit.


Make sure that the sink you order has the correct number of hole drillings for the faucet and accessories you will be installing on it.  Most sinks are available 3, 4, and 5 hole drillings. Sometimes 1 and 2 hole are available as well.

There are also different ways to install the sink.  It can be self-rimming (surface mount), under-mount (under-counter), or tile in.  In some cases wall mount is available.

Another thing to consider is the type of material you would like your sink made out of.  There are cast iron, fire clay, stainless steel, enamel steel, and composite materials available.

Make sure your cabinet size is large enough to fit the sink you have selected.  Always check the specifications!  Also consider the countertop material.  For example, laminate countertops (Formica) cannot have under-mount sinks installed on them.


The first and most important thing to check is the hole spacing for the faucets.  Lavatories are usually available in 8” centers, 4” centers, and single hole drilling if they are self-rimming bowls. 8” or 4” is referring to the distance between the hot and cold handles.  On these installations you will see 3 holes in the lav.  The middle hole is for the spout, and/or lift rod for the pop-up assembly.

The next thing to consider is the type of installation.  Self-rimming, undermount, tile-in, and above counter styles are available.  And check the cabinet size and countertop material to make sure it will work.  For example, laminate countertops (Formica) cannot have under-mount sinks installed.  Always check the specifications.

There are also different materials available.  Vitreous china, cast iron, stainless steel, and glass are some of the options to choose from.


There are 3 different rough-in sizes available in toilets.  They are 10”, 12”, and 14”.  The most common is 12”.  This refers to the distance from the rough 2×4 wall to the center of the waste line hole in the floor.  From a finished sheetrock wall (usually the sheetrock is ½”) you would measure approximately 11 1/2” to the hole in the floor, or the bolts that fasten the bowl to the floor.  Check to see what the rough in dimensions are for your installation.

Also there are round front and elongated bowl options.  Round front toilets are usually about 27 ½” from the finished wall to the front of the bowl, and elongated is approximately 29 ½” from the finished wall.  These dimensions can vary from style to style.  So check the specifications to make sure the toilet you select will fit the room you are putting it in.  There are also ADA compliant, or comfort height toilets.  The bowls on these toilets are higher from the floor than a standard toilet.  The normal height for a toilet bowl is approximately 14”.  A comfort height toilet is usually at least 16”.  Again check the specifications for exact dimensions.

Another thing to consider is whether you would like a 1-piece or 2-piece toilet.  This is a style preference.  A 1 piece toilet has the tank and bowl molded into one unit.  A 2 piece has the tank and bowl separate, which is the most common.


The main thing to decide is whether you would like a bidet faucet that has a vertical spray, or a horizontal spray.  Vertical is probably the best choice, but is also the most expensive.  Also make sure the faucets you select will fit the bidet you have selected.  This is covered in how to select a bidet faucet segment of our website.  Check specifications.


The things to check are the size of the tub, drain and pump location, type of installation, and your water heater size.  Whirlpool tubs generally come in 5’, 6’, and corner tubs, however other sizes of whirlpool tubs are available.  The drains can be on the left, or right hand end of the tub as you are facing it like you are getting in.  This needs to be specified because the end the drain is on determines the pump location, and (if there is a tile flange) where the flange is to be located.  A tile flange is required to keep the water from seeping between the tub and wall if the tub is installed tight to the surrounding walls.  Some tubs have a center drain location.  Make sure you can accommodate this if you select this type of tub.