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Do It Yourself Plumbing and Save Money

Do It Yourself Plumbing

Learn to do your own plumbing. Including repairs, new plumbing installation, plumbing upgrades and much more.

If you have repairs or upgrades on your plumbing system why call an expensive plumber?

Lets face it plumbing companies charge a lot of money. A lot of Okotoks plumbing repairs and projects are very simple to complete and you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars doing it yourself so get started today. If you are starting a new plumbing project or have a plumbing issue give us a try. We provide plumbing consultation for those who like to do there own handyman work. If you are a home owner, landlord or a contractor we can help guide you in completion of all your projects. In most cases its totally free but for more involved jobs a small fee may be applied. For contractors we offer a special service. We provide skilled and licensed plumbers who can work for you as an employee and complete your plumbing repairs, modifications, upgrades and new construction projects.

Plumbing Repair

Often a toilet will start running, a faucet will start dripping or a host of other small but annoying plumbing issues will occur in any building with a plumbing system installed. These issues often have simple and cheap remedies. Our website will have a knowledge base to help you find answers to your plumbing questions but you can also contact us directly for help or consultation with plumbing repairs.

Remodel Plumbing

With over ten years specializing in remodel plumbing work we can surly help you with your project. Often many unforeseen issues will arise after completion of the rough-in phase of the project. When it comes time to install trim often issues arise that could have been prevented while in the prior work stage. We can help point out these issues as your project progresses and prevent costly rework costs. Remodel work often takes specialized parts which we can acquire for you or help you obtain.

New Construction

If you are building a new residence we can provide you with a plumbing schematic and a parts list. We can research plumbing laws in your area so you can complete your own plumbing project and install the systems to code assuring safety for your family, renters or clients.The entire plumbing system in a residence include a minimum of a waste line to remove all wastes from the home and a cold/hot water system. These three systems use different parts and have different installation instructions. Plumbing an entire house may seem daunting but we can provide you the plumbing training to complete any residential project.