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Helpful Tips and Tools to Prevent Damage in Case of Plumbing Emergency

Emergency Plumber

Perhaps the most vital system in your home that you use on a daily basis is your plumbing. Your plumbing ensures that you are able to do laundry, cook, wash dishes, bathe and so much more. Although most plumbing emergency require professional help, like Mr. Mike’s Plumbing, you can help eliminate damage and possibly help your plumber upon their arrival, with these helpful tips and keeping a plumbing emergency kit in your home.

By having certain tools available to you, you will be able to be more prepared for any type of plumbing emergency, which can help to drastically decrease the amount of water damage to your home, as well as your plumbing bill. For your plumbing emergency kit, you will want to have blind caps, heavy-duty rags, a flashlight, a multipurpose screwdriver, plumbers putty, gloves, a five-gallon bucket, rubber washers, kneepads, pliers, plungers, Teflon tape, plumbing wrenches and even a plumbing hand snake if you have one readily available.

Rags provide you easy cleaning, and flashlights provide the best visibility in dark spaces, such as under your sink, behind your or your or even in the event that you have a lost power. A multipurpose your driver can help in a variety of plumbing repairs, and plumbing putty is vital to ensure that your plumbing maintains a watertight seal.

Gloves are an excellent idea, because they provide you with and protection, and a five-gallon bucket is ideal to carry your tools in, as well as double as a water catch from leaks. Rubber washers are ideal for fixing small leaks in faucets, and kneepads provide you additional protection, particularly when you are kneeling for an extensive period of time. Plungers, Teflon tape, plumbing wrenches, pliers and the snake are helpful in a wide variety of emergency and routine plumbing needs, which makes them very handy to have around.

In case of a plumbing emergency, there are few things that are extremely important for you to know, even if you do not have any plumbing experience. Know where the main water shutoff valve is located in your home, as well as for your water your and the emergency shutoff valves or isolation valves for all of your toilets, water using appliances and sinks. If one of your supply tubes is leaking, you can use a blind cap to seal it off until a plumber can fix it properly.

If your pipes are leaking, you can easily use the Teflon tape on threads of pipe and cracks as a temporary solution. This will help to eliminate water damage while you wait for a plumber to come and repair it properly. It is also extremely important be prepared to have the telephone number of an experienced plumber available to you that will provide you with the assistance that you need any type of plumbing emergency.

If you are unsure of who to call, in case of a plumbing emergency in Calgary contact Mr. Mike’s Plumbing