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May 9, 2018
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Ensure Your Pipes are Repaired Without Wasting Time or Money

Repairing Pipes

If your home or business is experiencing drain problems, determining the cause can sometimes be a challenge. In fact, many experienced plumbers are limited in their ability to identify drain problems because they are unable to see the inside of the drain. At Mr. Mike’s Plumbing, we believe in providing our customers with the very best service, so we invest in drain camera inspection technology – one of the most effective means of analyzing drain problems.

Before drain camera inspection technology existed, drain repairs and maintenance were a very intrusive processes. They often required great lengths of plumbing to be dug up and examined in order to determine the cause or location of blockages, leaks, and other plumbing issues. Not only was this process destructive and invasive, it was also very labor intensive, which drove up the cost of plumbing and drain repair services.

Drain camera inspections eliminate these problems entirely. Plumbers use drain cameras to look deep into your plumbing. This allows seeing what is causing plumbing clogs, where leaks are occurring and where the pipe is beginning corrode. This expedites the diagnostic portion of drain maintenance, but also makes repairing your drains and plumbing much more effective and efficient.

Another benefit of drain camera inspections is that they make regular plumbing checkups easy and hassle-free. You can now have your home or business’ plumbing thoroughly inspected several times a year without having to take time away from other priorities. With drain camera technology, you’ll never have to worry about having trouble finding damaged or leaky plumbing again.

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