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We know what it’s like when you have a blocked drain.  You notice that the water in your drain is going down way too slow, not going down at all or overflowing causing a great big mess!  You try and fix it using on old wives tales like:

•    Filling the bath then pulling the plug
•    Pulling out the plunger from the garage
•    Donning some long gloves and clearing the drain yourself
•    Pouring capacious amounts of drain cleaner and crossing your fingers
•    Flush jugs of boiling water down the drain
•    Unscrewing the drain fittings and causing more of a mess
•    Even hiring an electric eel and see if that cost saving was really worth it

The best solution is to a contact Mr. Mike’s Drain Cleaning.   We offer drainage plumbing services including:

•    Clearing blocked sinks
•    Clearing blockages in drains
•    Clearing blocked waste pipes
•    Clearing blocked sinks and baths
•    Unblocking toilets, basins, baths and showers
•    Drain repair
•    Tree root removal
•    Drain cleaning

There are a few reasons why contacting Mr. Mike’s Drain Cleaning is the best drainage solution:

  • The job will be done and done right the first time by our team of professional drains plumbers that are certified.
  • Our drains plumbers can correct the problem with the drain quickly and efficiently without leaving a mess
  • Do it yourself solutions can cause more damage than good and end up costing you more in the long term for a drains plumber
  • Our drains plumbers will determine exactly what is wrong with the clogged drain right away. This means they will be able to take immediate steps to fix the problem and do so with the right solution so the issue will not reoccur
  • The risk of your home or work flooding is reduced the faster you contact us.  Why go through the hassle of insurance claims and cleaning up a big mess
  • No structural damage will be done to your drains or pipes due to a lack of experience. We urge you not to try to figure out novel and creative ways to forcibly unclog a drain as they will often cause a great deal of damage

It’s a messy job as a drains plumber and we are always ready to get our hands and feet wet.  We also have an excavator in our fleet which means unblocking drains or a blocked sewer is considerably easier than with picks and shovels.  Contact us today for a quote.