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DIY Plumber: 3 Important Steps In An Emergency

DIY Plumber

Panic! People are rushing around trying to fix the problem, call the plumber, and save their belongings from water damage. Being better prepared would have kept everyone calm and their valuables from the leak. If you’re ever caught in a plumbing emergency, make sure you follow these 3 important steps.

DIY Plumber Step 1: Shut off the water.

The location of your water meter will vary, but it should be somewhere outside the house. Use the water meter key to turn off the water supply to your house. This makes sure the water causing leaks or flooding will stop. Now you can focus on cleaning up any mess.

DIY Plumber Step 2: Prevent water damage.

Now the water is off, the risk of flooding is over. However, there is still water around the house in the pipes, so be careful. To prevent water damage, start collecting the water. Buckets are the best option, but any containers will do. Choose big ones so they catch lots of water before they need to be changed.
Use towels to mop up any puddles and dry your possessions. Move possessions away from the leaky area to prevent damage. Take extra care with damp objects like books because they’ll be easy to tear or break. Otherwise, just move your things away, preferably somewhere they can get enough fresh air to dry out.

DIY Plumber Step 3: Stop leaks.

Use tape to seal any leaks. The stronger the tape the better, but don’t go overboard. You might need to remove them when the plumber comes to work. If you don’t have tape, use dishcloths and other fabrics to tie around the leak. They can be wrung out and replaced when necessary.

DIY Plumber Optional Step 4: Unclog blockage.

Obviously a blocked pipe or drain won’t apply in every plumbing emergency. When it does, try fixing the problem yourself before you call a plumber. A blockage could be caused by something small like hair or dirt, so you might be able to move it yourself. Use a plunger to shift the blockage. It might take a couple of attempts, but it should get the job done. Chemicals like caustic soda are an effective method on certain surfaces, but be careful or you might cause serious damage. Always try to fix minor problems yourself. You will save money that would’ve gone to hiring a professional.

Follow these 3 important steps to prevent the plumbing emergency getting worse. These tips should prevent further damage (and panic) before the plumber arrives. Even the first step saves a lot of time and money that would’ve been spent mopping up and paying for repairs. Now you can sit back and relax while you wait for help.