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Leaking Pipes Calgary

Leaks come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to your homes fixtures some of the most common ones coming from your toilets and faucets. Even the smallest leaks add up to a large amount of water costing lots of money on our water bills. A simple way to check that your toilets are not leaking through to they bowl is food dye, drop 5 or so drops down in the center of the tank and don’t flush. Wait a few minutes and check the bowl, if the water has changed colour you have a leak coming from your tank. Try to deal with leaks big or small as soon as possible to prevent wasted water and money literally going down the drain. Water hardness and pressure are also major causes of leaks throughout your home. Installing softeners not only help prolong the life of all water fixtures throughout your home but also help for skin and hair care. If the incoming water pressure in your home is too high it will cause unnecessary stress on your water lines and fixtures which lowers the life expectancy, have a technician come check your homes water pressure and provide you options for a pressure reducing valve if necessary

Rest assured we have you covered with a sweet new emergency shutoff you heard us correct this shutoff turns off on its own when it detects leaks!

New technology actually allows us to monitor our water usage and detect leaks for us using water sensors and special technology which can even be linked to our cell phones allowing easy access from anywhere around the world even if you aren’t at home”