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Blocked Drains Chestermere

Blocked Drains Chestermere

Why Us?

We have access to the most innovative in diagnostic and repair technology for all of your blocked drain and sewer needs in Chestermere. We also offer a 24 hour, 7 day emergency drain service anywhere in Chestermere and its surrounding suburbs. Don’t settle for less than the best. We offer the most value for money service available to fix blocked drains.

Drains are Blocked?


(403) 520-2040

Your  expert  plumber is only a phone call away.

Our 4 Step Process to Dealing with Blocked Drains

  • Assess Blocked Drain

Our plumbers arrive onsite, on time, with a fully stocked service vehicles equipped with the latest, most innovative diagnostic and repair plumbing equipment available. Our professional plumbers will waste no time getting to the root of the problem with your blocked drains by thorough site inspection and pipe location. They decide what exactly is required for a particular job.

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Diagnostics

For hard to reach blocked drains, and when the location and nature of the problem are not obvious, our plumbers utilize a fibre optic cable complete with a camera to insert into the blocked drain.  This identifies the location and nature of the blockage or problem. The camera provides a live video feed, so you can see for yourself what’s wrong with your pipes.

  • Clear the Blocked Drains

Once we know what and where the problem is, we simply fix it, without delay. We have the resources to clear any blocked drains, no matter how stubborn the blockage is.

  • Advise for Blocked Drains

A Mr. Mike’s Plumbing team member can advise you regarding preventative measures that you can take to minimize the possibility of reoccurring blocked drains.

As mentioned earlier, blocked drains and pipes – using the latest technology we will unblock and clear your drains and pipes. We offer a CCTV drain camera to inspect and diagnose the cause of blockages.