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How to Add Antifreeze to Pool Plumbing

Add Antifreeze to Pool Plumbing

Adding antifreeze to pool plumbing is a very simple process that anyone can do with ease. There is no real need to call a plumber for this so do not even think about it. The good news is that you will be able to find antifreeze at most specialized shops and the store clerk will aid you in choosing the right product for your pool. Just ask for help and he will surely point you in the right direction after asking a few easy to answer questions like what type of pool you have and some details linked to the plumbing system.

After purchasing antifreeze for pools, all you need to do is pour id down the skimmer, start the pump and eventually install an Ice Equalizer if required. Around 2 to 3 inches of antifreeze should be enough. The basics of adding antifreeze stands in a very simple concept: it is needed in any area of the pool system that might freeze due to accumulated or standing water. Pay attention to not use automotive antifreeze as it is simply not good for your pool. Only purchase special antifreeze from pool stores or you could also purchase antifreeze that is designed for RV/Boat plumbing applications. It will also do the trick.

As you can imagine, you will not require the use of antifreeze during summer but it will be needed when the weather becomes colder. If you are hit with such a circumstance be sure to never forget about this maintenance procedure as your pipes might crack and this would bring in the need of possibly costly repairs that you will not have a pleasure in dealing with. Be sure to contact a specialist and ask for the time when you should start adding antifreeze to pool plumbing, based on the local climate. There are some areas around the world that will never need it and others that require it for around 6 months per year. Asking for help in getting the information you need is the right thing to do. If you can not find anyone, research the Internet for weather patterns in the region you live in. You should start using antifreeze with at least two weeks before the colder season is expected to hit.