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Plumbers Calgary- A septic system provides a system for residential waste to discharge into a drain-field, where the waste undergoes a filtration process. Waste from the home is discharged through a wastewater pipe into a 1,000 or 2,000 gallon septic tank where it is separated into liquids and solids. Solids which are heavy sink, leaving solids which are light floating on the top. The waste on the bottom of the tank forms a layer of sludge, whereas a layer of scum forms above it. The tank provides an anaerobic environment wherein both layers decompose to effluent. The tank is connected to a drainfield (also called a disposal field or a leach field) consisting of perforated pipes running along underground gravel-filled trenches. The drain-field biologically filters the effluent through the soil and the gravel, neutralizing harmful contents.

  • Indications of Septic Tank Failure

Septic tanks need frequent maintenance in order to stay trouble-free. Periodic inspections are suggested. The most common reason for septic tank issues is an accumulation of kitchen grease and cooking oils, which block the septic tank inlet. Kitchen grease should be disposed of elsewhere. Do not flush non-biodegradable things down the toilet or dump them down the drain. Septic tank failure can likewise be a result of chemicals that are harmful such as herbicides, paints, pesticides and household cleaners.

You may have a septic tank problem if you are noticing that your sinks, showers and tubs are draining slowly, or if your toilet is not flushing properly. Other indications of septic tank failure include excessive plant growth on drain-field, sewage backups, sewage odors, and wastewater lying near the septic tank.

  • Septic Tank Maintenance

Poor drainage may be a signal that needed pricey repairs may be needed. To be able to lessen the likelihood of serious problems, preventative upkeep is highly suggested. The septic tank must be checked on a regular basis by experienced septic tank cleaners. Septic tank treatment is needed on a regular basis to be able to get rid of buildup solids.

The most effective measures against hidden faults are periodic septic tank inspections before problems come to affect the overall functioning of the system. Phone a septic tank contractor if you detect whichever of the early indications of septic tank drainage problems. An expert would examine your system and if required, administer septic tank cleaners. This kind of frequent repairs would allow your plumbing system to function smoothly and is good for the environment.

The frequent pumping of the septic tank system could help to lengthen the life of the system. Pumping of the septic system can help to remove the scum and sludge, which may aid the buildup of indigestible solids that can cause a clog in the drain-field. The volume of the tank and amount of use both influence how often pumping has to be performed. Septic tank cleaning must be done by expert plumbers who have the experience and tools to clean tanks without destroying the system or the environment.