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Looking to avoid safety risks while excavating your property? Have a commercial drain that needs to be cleaned out? Concerned about the environmental impact of traditional excavation work? Mr. Mike’s, one of the best hydro vac companies in Calgary is the answer. Call Mr. Mike’s Plumbing at 403-520-2040 and we’ll get your quote started immediately.

Hydrovac technology, also known as hydrovac excavation, employs high-pressure water to break up soil and rock, then vacuums away the debris in debris tank, making it ideal for numerous excavation tasks.
Unlike traditional digging methods, hydro vac excavation service is non-mechanical so there’s no risk of damaging underground utilities. It is a safe, cost-effective solution to your excavation concerns.

Mr. Mike’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is one of the few plumbing and hydrovac companies in Calgary that offers hydrovac excavation services, and because we are committed to providing it for the best price, we will beat any quote you receive from other companies. 

Using a fleet of fully equipped hydrovac trucks, our highly trained excavators have the skills and technology to get any hydrovac excavation job done safely and effectively. We have both commercial and industrial vacuum trucks available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mr. Mike’s is ready to respond to your emergencies with the most reliable and affordable hydro vac services in Calgary.

When Do You Need Hydrovac Services?

Hydrovac services in Calgary can be beneficial when you need to excavate an area that is difficult to access or need to clean out a large commercial drain. Hydrovac uses high-pressure water to loosen up soil and debris, making it much easier to dig through. This can be a huge time-saver when trying to get to something deep underground.

There are a few different situations where a hydrovac service can be helpful. For example, if you’re doing underground construction work or excavating for a foundation or utility lines. They can also clear out blocked sewer lines or storm drains with industrial cleaning and debris removal to remove contaminated soil or other issues blocking it.

It’s always preferable to seek professional advice if you’re unclear about whether hydrovac services are appropriate for your project. They’ll be able to assess the situation and offer you their expert opinion. But, in most cases, it’s worth investing in hydrovac services – they can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Benefits of Our Calgary Hydrovac Services for Excavation

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Outstanding service all around! From Christina and Gareth over the phone to Thomas in-person, everyone I dealt with was helpful and professional. Thomas assessed our problem, offered a variety of solutions and was a great engaged communicator. 10/10 Highly recommended.

Different Applications of Hydrovac Services Calgary

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Hydrovac Service FAQs:

The average commercial job costs $3,000-$5,000, but ultimately it depends on the size of the job. Call us today for a quote.
Yes. We will match and even beat any other quote.
Most of our clients are property managers, facility managers, maintenance managers, and other people who represent commercial building spaces. Call us to discuss your specific needs and together we can determine if Mr. Mike’s hydrovac services are right for you.

How Hydrovac Works. First, hydrovac operators use high-pressure water wands to cut through the soil and soften the ground. Next, they suction the mud slurry into the tank of an excavation truck, at which point crews can uncover a deeper layer of soil and any existing underground facility networks.

A hydrovac is a piece of equipment that uses high-pressure water to cut and liquefy the soil, while simultaneously using high volume vacuum to remove the soil from the excavation.

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Looking for reliable and experienced hydrovac services in Calgary?

If you’re looking for reliable and experienced hydrovac services in Calgary, look no further than Mr. Mike’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning services. We’re always available to answer any questions, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.
As a fully insured plumbing company, we take safety seriously. We have years of experience repairing and replacing pipes, and our plumbers take precautions to keep your property and family safe during the water line excavation process.
Plus… We Offer A Lifetime Non-transferrable Warranty On All Of Our Excavation And Sewer Replacement Services And Once The Bucket Hits The Ground, Your Price Will Never Change From The Time We Quoted You… Meaning If We Make A Mistake, We Eat It… Not You… So What Are You Waiting For?

When you need water excavation in Calgary, Mr. Mike’s Plumbing guarantees your satisfaction and a job well done. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fully prepared to handle whatever you need! Call 403-356-4095 to schedule service.

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