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April 6, 2023
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What does a Hydrovac Truck do?

What does a Hydrovac Truck do image

What does a Hydrovac Truck do?

What does a Hydrovac Truck do image

One of the safest and most effective excavation methods is Hydrovac Excavation. This is the term used for the excavation process utilizing a hydrovac truck (sometimes known as a hydrovac). Hydrovac trucks are a class of industrial vacuum trucks used mainly for excavation purposes. A hydrovac excavation uses highly pressurized water to break down the soil and dirt while simultaneously using a high-powered vacuum to remove the soil, remaining debris, and water from the site. The debris is then contained in a specialized holding tank, which can later be removed and dumped at an alternate location after the construction project.     

While individual trucks may vary from one another, all hydrovac trucks consist of the same four main components. The main components include:

  • Water Tank – The water tank stores the water used for excavating. It also provides the water needed for cleaning the debris tank after removing the slurry.
  • Water Pump – The water pump is responsible for jetting the water, which breaks down the rock and soil to be excavated.  
  • Vacuum Pump – The vacuum pump is responsible for removing the broken-down soil and water mixture from the excavation site to be stored.  
  • Debris Tank – The debris tank is responsible for storing the excavated material after it’s been broken down and vacuumed. Debris tanks can vary in size, depending on the type of truck. The debris can then be transferred to a predetermined dumpsite when necessary.  

What are Hydrovac Trucks Used For?

Hydrovac excavation is a safer and more cost-effective method than traditional excavation methods like manual digging.    


One of the most common uses for hydrovac trucks is called daylighting. This is the process of exposing underground utility lines or pipes to daylight. Because of its pressurized water and vacuum system, the hydrovac can precisely remove the surrounding soil with minimal risk of damage to the lines. Even a small nick to an underground line can cause costly problems and delays, making the hydrovac truck a much safer and more time-efficient option than traditional excavation processes.  


The hydrovac truck can be used to dig narrow trenches (a process known as trenching) when installing cables, pipelines, or other underground utilities. Hydrovacs can also pile holes of various diameters and depths for installing poles, fences, or signs.

Clean Up

Some less conventional uses of the hydrovac truck include spillage or even clean-up after a natural disaster. The hydrovac truck can be used to remove both wet and dry material. Any hazardous materials can be safely removed from the environment and properly disposed of.  

Hydrovac trucks can provide a safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional digging excavation. Most of our excavation clients at Mr. Mike’s Plumbing are people who represent commercial building spaces such as property and maintenance managers. If you’re in need of professional excavation services, Mr. Mike’s Plumbing is one of the best hydrovac companies in Calgary. Don’t hesitate to call. Mr. Mike’s will match or even beat any quote given to you. We look forward to discussing your specific needs for the job!