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Noisy pipes are an indication that your plumbing system may have serious problems. Different kinds of noises indicate specific issues which should not be ignored. Rattling, whistling, cracking or banging - these are among the sign that a costly problem is ahead, such as burst pipes, rusty pipes or leaking pipes.
  • Hammering

If your pipes are emitting a loud banging noise after you shutting off the hot or cold water, you have a water hammer problem. This annoying noise is caused when water traveling at high speeds down a pipe slams into a closed valve. The impact of water against the closed valve, if repeated overtime, could damage pipes and fittings. Normally water hammer noises mean that air has leaked out of air cushions that are installed inside the plumbing system to absorb the force of water before it bangs into a closed valve. This problem has to be handled by refilling air chambers.

  • Cracking

Cracking or creaking noises are caused by the contraction and expansion of metal water pipes. Hot water heats up and slightly expands the metal pipe when it flows through. Next the pipe contracts when it cools down. Cracking noises could be dealt with by insulating the pipe.

  • Rattling

A rattling sound occurring whenever water shoots through pipes is an indication that the pipes are attached too loosely. The noise would stop when the pipe is connected more securely. The pipe can also be cushioned to prevent it from vibrating against a wall.

  • Whistling

Whistling sounds indicate that water is flowing through a part of the pipe that has become restricted by the buildup of interior sediment. A faulty washer or valve can also result in whistling. If the noise is connected with a particular faucet, it is better that you replace its washer or valve. If the whistling sound takes place when any faucet is open, the restriction may be in the main water supply valve and a plumber may need to replace it. Before calling a plumber, you can try and adjust the water pressure in order to see if that lessens the issue.