Sewer Repair Calgary
Sewer Repair Calgary
July 27, 2016
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Plumbing Supply Calgary
July 29, 2016
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Showers & Tubs

Showers & Tubs Repair Calgary

Shower Drain Repair Experts In The Calgary

Shower Drain Repair Experts In The Calgary

Mr. Mike's Plumbing, we provide everything you need. From bathtubs to showers to bathroom pipes, we can revamp and modernize everything. We can make your bathroom more efficient and tastefully upgraded.


Of course, every homeowner needs to know what’s wrong with their houses. Diagnosis will always be the first step in solving any bathroom problem. Our services come with accurate diagnosis of the situation. Afterwards, we will explain exactly what the problem is and provide our customer with the best options to fix the problem.

Fixing Leaks

The most common problem in the home is a leaking pipe. We are specialists in pin pointing and repairing any leaks in the sink, shower, bathtub or joining pipes.

Bathroom Repairs

If there are things in your bathroom that have become so broken or worn out that it’s now totally useless you don’t need to repair them, you need a new one. No matter what bathroom repairs or replacements you need, we can repair or replace it for you.

Choosing Replacements

It is not uncommon for an old house to have conked out faucets, sinks, or tubs. These items need not to be repaired but replaced. We can tell you when an item needs to be repaired or replaced, and when required, we can assist you in choosing the best replacement. We will never encourage you to replace something that can be repaired back to good condition.

Bathroom Installations

We own the right equipment and have the years of experience in installing new units to replace damaged fittings and pipes. We will set them up competently so that we can guarantee that each item will appropriately function as it should. If you already have your tub or shower and just need someone to install it for you we’re happy to tackle that project as well.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you are preparing for a thorough bathroom remodel in your home, we can assist you in choosing the finest parts that can complement the design you want. As your private consultants, we can aid you in sketching the best set up for your house.

Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains are threats to your health and a constant nuisance to your home. We know that this condition should be dealt with quickly. When you need someone to get to your house and clean up those stopped drains, we are available for you 24/7.

Rest assured that your drains will be in outstanding condition. We will also recommend some of premium bathroom items like door knobs that will suit your style while remaining reliable and durable for a long time. We will put in everything according to your terms.