Waste Trap Cleaning & Repair

water seal that prevents bad gases from re-entering an apartment through the pipe drain. A waste trap can be a separate item attached to sinks, wash basins, tubs, toilets and drains. This can also be a fundamental, self-cleaning part attached to some appliances. Waste traps, when used domestically, should be suitable for washing. Also, a useful water seal is one that is well-maintained. Every plumbing installation service of Mr. Mike’s Plumbing Company ensures that a waste trap is fitted accordingly.

Why is a Grease Trap and Liquid Trap Necessary?

Not only can grease, oils and fats block public sewer lines, they can also make a way into public water reserves. Various plumbing systems call for a variety of grease trap measurements

The Types of Waste Traps Available

Plumbing waste trap – Most Indian water cabinets use plumbing traps made from cast iron or PVC. Plumbing traps also have water seals that help control unpleasant odors from coming back up to the home.

Gully waste trap
This waste trap serves as a channel that transports water wastes from wash bowls, sinks and bathrooms to a nearby sewer thus hindering gases from entering the building. Also called deep seal traps, gully waste traps hinder insects such as cockroaches from getting inside the sewer.
Intercepting waste trap
Located at the very last main hole in the sewer system, this waste trap stops bad gases from public sewerages to enter apartment sewers.
Grease trap, liquid trap
This waste trap, primarily used in food dispensation units, bring together grease contents residues. This trap may be washed on the surface.
Water seal

There are different types of waste traps: bottle traps, S traps, Q traps and Nahini waste traps. And all of them have water seals. However, a broken water seal would mean a useless waste trap. There are a number of reasons why seals break like air compression, momentum and evaporation. The regular depth of a water seal used in many sanitary equipments is 50mm in floor traps and 50mm also for water closets.

How Does a Grease Trap and Liquid-Trap Work?

Grease traps are for grease deposits that’s why they are generally installed besides dishwashers, partitioned sinks and food waste deposits. There are two compartments that make up a grease trap. On the first compartment, we can find floating solidified grease, fat and oil on the top and the other liquids at the base. On the second compartment, we can find water and other liquids.

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